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Consultations on the dispute over Ethiopia’s rehabilitation dam will continue on the 3rd

by YCPress

According to Saudi Arabian TV, Egypt will participate in a new round of tripartite negotiations on the Ethiopian rehabilitation dam dispute proposed by South Africa on Sunday, according to Saudi Arabian TV.

According to Sudan News Agency, Sudanese Foreign Minister Kamaldine and Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Abbas will participate in the ministerial meeting of the Ethiopian Great Renewal Dam Negotiations on the 3rd.

The new round of negotiations will be chaired by Pandura, Minister of International Cooperation of South Africa, the current African Union Conference.

Sources revealed to the Sudanese news agency that the negotiations will discuss the Sudan’s proposal, so that the experts in the African Union will play a greater role in the negotiations, reach a binding legal agreement on the dispute over the rehabilitation of the dam in accordance with the Sudan’s previous request, and then study the draft understanding prepared by AU experts, and finally reach a tripartite completion.

Agreement of intention.

Ethiopian media quoted Ethiopian Foreign Ministry spokesman Dina Mufti as saying at the weekly press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that South Africa, the Presidency of the African Union, will convene the three countries concerned for a new round of negotiations on the rehabilitation dam on the 3rd.

The negotiations were the first in a month after Khartoum called for a change in the method of negotiations. It was a “race against time”. In 2021, the new presidency of the AU will be handed over to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.