Home Politics Congratulations from many countries, Biden came up: they are very excited
Congratulations from many countries, Biden came up: they are very excited

Congratulations from many countries, Biden came up: they are very excited

by YCPress

November 18th According to US media reports, US President-elect Joe Biden said on November 17 that he felt enthusiasm in conversations with world leaders. He seemed to think that this enthusiasm was mainly due to Trump is about to leave office, this is undoubtedly a knife in Trump’s heart.

At a national security briefing, Biden said that he had talked with 13 heads of state. As the Trump administration continues to refuse to recognize Biden’s election victory, this briefing will be chaired by former officials rather than current officials.

Biden said at the briefing: “I don’t think this is an exaggeration. (Leaders of various countries) have a certain degree of enthusiasm.” He asserted that this sentiment “is not so much directed at me as it is a general environmental issue”, which is obviously Refers to Trump.

After the US mainstream media announced that Biden had won the election, some major US allies immediately responded enthusiastically and publicly, including British Prime Minister Johnson, who has a good relationship with Trump, German Chancellor Merkel, French President Macron and Canada. Prime Minister Trudeau. Earlier, some media noticed that Trump turned his head overnight, and some speculated that it was because Trump was overwhelmed.

Even some of Trump’s favorite world leaders, such as Erdogan, Hungarian Prime Minister Orban and Philippine President Duterte, congratulated Biden.

It is said that Indian Prime Minister Modi and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu also congratulated Biden on a conference call on the 17th. Both of them had a close relationship with Trump.

Biden said that in his calls with world leaders, the main message he conveyed was “The United States is back, and it is no longer a separate United States.” He was referring to Trump’s “America first” foreign policy.

Facts have proved that Trump has acted chaotically on the world stage, especially among US allies, and is often criticized. There have been videos showing Trudeau, Macron and Johnson mocking Trump at the NATO summit because Trump was found to be closer to leaders such as Russian President Putin and Brazilian President Bolsonaro.

CNN’s Carl Bernstein reported that Trump often bullied allies like Merkel and was defeated by hostile leaders like Turkish President Erdogan.

While Trump continued to refuse to make concessions, some world leaders did not congratulate Biden. These include Bolsonaro and Mexican President Lopez, who are regarded as close to Trump, and Putin, who is regarded as hostile to the United States.

Speaking of his foreign policy plans, Biden said: “We need to reinvigorate our democracy. I think we must reinvigorate the leadership of the United States and bring the United States back to the top of the negotiating table.”