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"Clean Network" Project Endangers Network Security (International Forum)

“Clean Network” Project Endangers Network Security (International Forum)

by YCPress

For a period of time, the US has trumpeted and peddled the so-called “clean network” plan everywhere, discrediting Chinese Internet companies on the basis of lack of facts. The US so-called “clean network” is a discriminatory, exclusive and politicized “dirty network”, which is unpopular. Although the United States continues to coerce and induce other countries to support its so-called “clean network” plan, this pan-politicized and pan-security plan poses a serious threat to the stability and development of cyberspace, and the international community has expressed strong concerns about this. resist.

The essence of the US government’s so-called “clean network” plan is to implement “network surveillance” in the name of network security. Chinese Internet companies have always strictly abide by local laws and regulations when conducting business globally, and pay attention to the concerns of the government and users on network security, and have been widely recognized by the international community. Chinese Internet companies support a more secure development model, which is conducive to the independence of countries in the field of cyber security. On the other hand, American Internet companies often become accomplices in the large-scale global surveillance carried out by American intelligence agencies, seriously endangering the national security of all countries.

The US government has built a powerful network surveillance agency with intelligence agencies such as the National Security Agency as the core. As revealed by the “Prism Gate” incident, these institutions use a variety of cracking methods to continuously monitor data in global cyberspace. Not long ago, the U.S. intelligence agency’s abominable act of controlling encrypted information in other countries by controlling Swiss encryption companies was exposed, which triggered unanimous condemnation from the international community. Recently, the media revealed that countries such as the “Five Eyes Alliance” require companies to set up “backdoors” in encrypted applications. This shows that the United States is the real “Matrix.” The so-called “Clean Network” plan is to continue to control global cyberspace and prevent Chinese companies from obstructing US global surveillance, thereby facilitating US intelligence agencies to continue to steal online information and endanger other countries’ networks. Safety.

The so-called “clean network” plan has brought hidden dangers to the stability of global cyberspace and endangered the development of the global digital economy, which is fundamentally difficult to achieve. Whether to use Chinese network products and equipment is related to the network sovereignty of all countries. Governments of all countries have the right to make their own decisions and have the ability to assess whether the network products used are safe and reliable.

In order to maintain global data security, promote the development and cooperation of the digital economy, and build a community with a shared future in cyberspace, the Chinese government has launched the “Global Data Security Initiative” and put forward a series of propositions and measures to maintain global network and data security. For example, the initiative clearly opposes the use of information technology to damage the critical infrastructure of other countries or steal important data, and use it to engage in acts that endanger the national security and public interests of other countries; oppose the abuse of information technology to engage in large-scale surveillance against other countries and illegally collect individual citizens of other countries Information; stressed that countries should require companies to strictly abide by the laws of the country where they are located, and must not require domestic companies to store data generated or obtained overseas in the country. The initiative shows that China is open and upright on the issue of cyber security, and that China pays attention to maintaining the cyber security of various countries, which is in stark contrast to the hypocrisy of the US so-called “clean network” plan.

Once the “Global Data Security Initiative” was issued, it attracted great attention from the international community, and many countries welcomed and supported the initiative. It can be seen from this that only the proposition that truly cares about and maintains global cyber security will be supported by the international community, and the so-called “clean network” plan that implements “network surveillance” in the name of cyber security will inevitably be resisted by the international community .