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CIIE Issues "Future Pact" to the World

CIIE Issues “Future Pact” to the World

by YCPress

Editor’s note :

The rapid changes in the world situation have brought about changes in trade rules, how global commodities are traded in good faith, and how global resources are integrated and rebuilt.

The CIIE is an exploration of a new model. In the context of the turbulent fourth industrial revolution, the rapid development of technology has brought about the possibility of the integration of products and markets, and the global economy hit hard by the pandemic urgently needs to build a new trade framework system. 

As the “Shanghai Covenant” for the global economic recovery, the CIIE is a covenant of opportunity, a covenant of integrity, and even a covenant of integration. The covenant of the future demonstrates the powerful ability to integrate global resources.

Enterprising China opens up big opportunities for the world

The accumulated intentional turnover was US$72.62 billion, an increase of 2.1% over the previous session. This is the transcript of the third China International Import Expo that just concluded, and it is also the best interpretation of the Chinese market for the world.

Behind the big order is a big opportunity. As Coronavirus pandemic has brought severe damage to the global economy, the third CIIE not only held as scheduled, but also achieved a leap in scale and quality, fulfilling the promise of “doing better” and sharing it with more countries and enterprises The opening of the door to new opportunities in the Chinese market also creates conditions for Chinese companies to expand into new areas of cooperation and injects new momentum into the recovery of China and the world economy.

Overseas companies share China’s opportunities

“The booth area has nearly doubled compared with last year, and the number of signings has increased by more than 50%.” Schneider Electric’s global executive vice president and China president Yin Zheng told reporters on the last day of the Expo.

Schneider Electric has participated in the Expo for three consecutive years. It is a veritable “Old China Expo”, and it also truly feels the market opportunities, cooperation opportunities and exchange opportunities opened by the Expo.

“At the first CIIE, we successfully signed contracts with customers from multiple key industries. The number of contracts signed for the second session increased by 20%. This year, not only did we grow against the trend, but also set new highs.” Yin Zheng sincerely lamented the international community. Cooperation efficiency of the event.

British Rolls-Royce Power Systems Co., Ltd. also ushered in a new order at this CIIE, and signed a procurement framework agreement with SUMEC, a subsidiary of SINOMACH. At present, the two parties have carried out more extensive and in-depth cooperation in the fields of data center, finance, people’s livelihood, government and enterprise through large-scale diesel generator set business.

“The annual CIIE provides companies with a platform for exchanges and cooperation with customers and industry partners, and a large number of orders and purchasing intentions have been harvested. This year, China’s economic recovery under the pandemic is encouraging.” Rolls-Royce Power Systems Tobias Ostermaier, president of Greater China, said that these cooperations will also help the company to more quickly and better grasp the strategic development of new market opportunities such as China’s new infrastructure.

The “friend circle” of the CIIE is still growing. Su Junxiong, president of Air Products China, who participated in the CIIE for the first time, said that this participation is a “milestone” for the company. He told reporters that the company signed a number of memorandums of cooperation during this CIIE, with partners including Haiyan County Economic and Technological Development Zone in Zhejiang Province, Hohhot City Government in Inner Mongolia, and Jiutai Group.

Chinese companies gain the world stage

The CIIE has not only opened up channels for overseas companies to enter the Chinese market, but also provided Chinese companies with a broader platform for exchanges and cooperation. There are more than 2,600 exhibiting companies from all over the world, including the world’s top 500 and leading companies in the industry, covering six major fields including food and agricultural products, automobiles, technical equipment, consumer products, medical equipment and medicine and health care, and service trade.

Among them, the food and agricultural products exhibition area has the largest number of exhibitors, with 1,264 exhibitors from 93 countries. In the automobile exhibition area, the world’s top seven vehicle groups all attended the exhibition, and the exhibition area of ​​the top 500 and leading enterprises in the industry exceeded 90%. The technical equipment exhibition area highlights automation, intelligent manufacturing, industrial digitalization, energy, and overall solutions, leading the industry’s innovation trend. The consumer goods exhibition area has an exhibition area of ​​more than 90,000 square meters, making it the largest exhibition area of ​​this year’s CIIE. The service trade exhibition area brings together the world’s top companies in five major sectors, including finance, logistics, consulting, inspection and testing, and cultural tourism, and strives to build a smart service to empower the entire industry chain. The medical equipment and medicine and health care exhibition area has the largest number of new products and new technologies, with a total of more than 120. All the top 10 companies in the pharmaceutical industry and the top 14 companies in the medical equipment industry participated in the exhibition.

You can learn about the world’s most advanced industry trends without going abroad, providing convenience and opportunities for many Chinese companies, and also promoting the further development of their businesses. “The cooperation at the previous two CIIEs has greatly promoted the expansion of the company’s import business and laid a solid foundation for the stable development of this year’s import business.” Yang Yongqing, chairman of SUMEC Co., Ltd., introduced that since this year, with China The acceleration of manufacturing transformation and upgrading and the in-depth expansion of the domestic demand market, despite the impact of the pandemic, the market demand for high-end equipment and bulk commodities is still on the rise, which also places higher requirements on the company’s import business expansion.

The CIIE just provides such a very broad platform, allowing companies to greatly expand the areas of cooperation. “The number and amount of SUMEC’s ​​procurement items at this CIIE have increased simultaneously.” Yang Yongqing said that these cooperations will strongly promote enterprises to strengthen the integration of global industrial resources and deepen the integration of import business with the domestic market.

Not only companies are actively expanding their businesses, local trading missions are also actively preparing to promote more international cooperation. During the CIIE, the Shandong trading delegation organized more than 40 local companies such as Shandong Heavy Industry, Wanhua Chemical, Haier Kaos, etc., and cooperated with 65 Fortune 500 companies such as Bosch China, Caterpillar, General Electric, Siemens, and Panasonic. Leaders of industry-leading companies started dialogue and cooperation to further broaden cooperation fields, tap cooperation potential, and innovate cooperation models.

Add new momentum to the global economy

With the advancement of cooperation negotiations, the spillover effect of the CIIE continues to expand, and more and more companies participate in it. At the signing and registration office at the CIIE, there is an endless stream of companies coming to consult. As of the closing ceremony, hundreds of companies have signed up and signed up to participate in the 4th CIIE, and some companies have won admission tickets for the next three years in one go.

When asked why, these companies all expressed their optimism about the large international platform of the CIIE and the great opportunities shared by the Chinese market. The person in charge of the world’s top 500 and chemical giant Dow said that China has the world’s largest consumer group and is in a critical period of consumption upgrading, urbanization and sustainable development. The demand for high-value-added material solutions is rising. Dow is confident in the future of the Chinese market.

“We announce that in the next five years, we will invest 451 million euros in China.” The German pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim announced its development vision in China, saying that it will expand its existing production base and increase its innovative strategic layout in China.

Honeywell of the United States also signed cooperation agreements with a number of heavyweight companies during the CIIE to deepen cooperation with local companies in various fields. In the future, it will join hands with Chinese partners to welcome new opportunities for the development of the digital economy. “During the low tide of the global economy, the CIIE has further strengthened the connection between global companies such as Honeywell and Chinese partners. We are optimistic about the future development opportunities in the Chinese market.” said Zhang Yufeng, President of Honeywell China.

The attractiveness of the Chinese market comes from the confidence of economic development. As the world economy is facing severe downward pressure, China’s economy has taken the lead in recovering and achieved positive growth in the first three quarters. The volume of foreign trade increased by 0.7% and the actual use of foreign capital increased by 5.2%, which played a positive role in promoting the recovery of the world economy.

At the same time, the Chinese market continues to release signals of openness and sharing. To adapt to the new situation and new requirements, my country proposes to build a new development pattern with domestic and international dual cycles as the main body and mutual promotion of domestic and international cycles, and with the belief in openness, cooperation, unity, and win-win, we will unswervingly expand opening up in an all-round way and promote more Efficiently realize the interconnection of internal and external markets and the sharing of factor resources, so that the Chinese market will become a world market, a shared market, and a market for everyone, injecting more positive energy into the international community.

“China has a population of 1.4 billion and a middle-income group of more than 400 million. It is the world’s most potential big market. It is estimated that the cumulative import value of goods in the next 10 years is expected to exceed 22 trillion US dollars.” China promised at the opening ceremony of the CIIE , Has sent a positive signal to the world to share market opportunities and promote the recovery of the world economy, and it has also strengthened the confidence and determination of enterprises from various countries to deploy the Chinese market. (Reporter Wang Wenbo from Shanghai)

Broad China invites customers from all over the world with integrity

The Coronavirus pandemic is still spreading globally, the trend of anti-globalization has intensified, and the uncertain factors of world economic instability have increased. u2026u2026. The third China International Import Expo was successfully held, sending warm waves of stable expectations and strong confidence to the world. The solemn promise of “doing better”.

Commitment to openness is consistent

Promise not lightly, make a promise. From “China’s door to opening up will not be closed, it will only open wider and wider”, to “stick to u2018 to handle u2019 instead of u2018 to let go u2019”, to this year’s emphasis on “Let the Chinese market become a world market, a shared market, The market injects more positive energy into the international community” u2026u2026 The world has read from loud and loud words China’s firm determination to promote high-level opening up, as well as its vision and responsibility to promote common development and win-win cooperation in the world.

Words must be done, promises must be fulfilled. China continues to expand imports. In the past year, the growth rate of China’s imports of goods and services has been significantly higher than the global average. It is estimated that China’s cumulative imports of goods are expected to exceed US$22 trillion in the next 10 years. The negative list of foreign investment access has been reduced from 40 to 33, and the number of pilot free trade zones has increased from 18 to 21.

“China’s commitment to opening up to the outside world is a great encouragement to the rest of the world.” said Wei Sitao, CEO of Varian Medical. About 50% of the 43 cooperation intentions signed by Varian at the second CIIE have been transformed and implemented, and other projects are also continuing to advance. At this CIIE, Varian also brought the “Asia-Pacific debut” of the ProBeam360 compact single-chamber proton therapy system, and the “China First” of drug-loaded microspheres used in interventional chemotherapy for liver cancer.

The picture shows the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) taken on November 3. Published by Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Wu Kai)

The consistent commitment to openness makes China the greatest certainty in this era of uncertainty. In the past 9 months, the US company Herbalife has listed 9 new products in China. This is the year when Herbalife has launched the most new products since it entered China 15 years ago. Guo Mu, President of Herbalife China and Global Senior Vice President, said: “The resilience and stability of the Chinese economy are obvious to all. The CIIE is a very important window of opportunity, especially under the special circumstances of the spread of the pandemic this year, China is undoubtedly the most certain. s Choice.”

Full of sincerity for win-win cooperation

Under the background of economic globalization, the economies of various countries are interdependent and the interests of each other are unprecedented. As the world’s first import-themed national-level exhibition, the CIIE embraced guests from all over the world with open arms, and it was full of sincerity.

This year is the second time that Thai coconut merchant Naronsa has participated in the CIIE. His company entered the Chinese market in 2013 and its sales have increased several times in just a few years. China has become the company’s main export market for coconut products.

“The CIIE will be an excellent platform for us.” Naronza said that with the global shadow of the pandemic, China is still holding the CIIE as scheduled, which reflects China’s sincerity to continue to accelerate the opening up of the market, not only to the world Economic benefits are of great significance to small and medium-sized enterprises like his company.

During the pandemic this year, French nuclear power company Framatome and its Chinese partners not only exchanged anti-pandemic materials, but also tried their best to ensure the stability of the supply chain to China and the safe operation of related nuclear power units. The experience of overcoming the difficult times has enhanced the friendship between Chinese and French companies. At the CIIE, Framatome signed new contracts with many Chinese companies.

Fang Wei, President of Framatome China, said that China will strive to form a green production and lifestyle during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, and Framatome will continue to participate in China’s energy revolution in the future to promote green development.

As the first major economy to resume growth since the outbreak, people feel the strong resilience and vigor of China’s economy, as well as China’s determination and sincerity to build a new development pattern and join hands with the world to achieve win-win results.

The covenant of the future creates tomorrow together

The pandemic will not dissipate or be obstructed. As a pioneering move in the history of global trade, the CIIE will join hands with global exhibitors to create a better tomorrow for mankind. Thousands of exhibitors around the world have agreed to the China International Import Expo, and it is the Chinese market that is building a new development pattern.

Practicing the future agreement with CIIE, exhibitors will “leave” the brightest new products and deepest cooperation to the CIIE, turning the CIIE into a stage for companies to show new products, technology and cooperation globally.

Japan’s Panasonic launched the world’s first “6 Constant Climate Station” system, which integrates the effects of constant temperature, constant humidity, constant oxygen, constant cleanliness, constant tranquility, and constant wind to better meet the needs of “home life” under the pandemic; New Zealand’s Fonterra’s global debut The Anjia mellow snow top cream that can be stored at room temperature makes this product no longer dependent on cold chain logistics; Swiss ABB’s world’s first drone-borne natural gas leak detection solution u2026u2026

Practicing the future agreement with the CIIE, nearly a hundred multinational companies “locked in” their booths at the 4th CIIE in advance, and dozens of companies including Hyundai, Japan, Shiseido, France, and Michelin even directly locked in advance for the next three years. Booth. Swiss Richemont Group signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with the China International Import Expo Bureau through the “cloud” under the pandemic, and will participate in the CIIE in a more in-depth and diversified manner in the future.

At the third CIIE, Miji originally planned to focus its promotion on a built-in electric cooker product that will be launched in the world and will be launched soon. However, before the launch, it temporarily decided to add a sensor that can cook in all regions. Furnace concept machine. Zhou Wenbing, general manager of Miji China, said that this concept phone has just stepped out of the R&D center and is expected to be officially launched during the CIIE next year. The additional “catch” this time is the opportunity for the CIIE.

Practicing the future agreement with CIIE, exhibitors use CIIE as a window to see greater opportunities in the Chinese market, and from exhibitors to investors, they are determined and determined to accelerate the deepening of China and embrace China.

“China’s opening up makes us very confident, and we are very optimistic about the prospects of the Chinese market.” Ivan, chief representative of the Israeli technology company Watkins China, said that thanks to the bridge of the second CIIE, companies will The district headquarters is located in Lujiazui, Shanghai, and it is also actively promoting the construction of a factory in Nanxun, Zhejiang, to realize the localized production of the same exhibits at the CIIE.

The three-time CIIE is bursting with infinite vitality and strong magnetism, becoming an international public product shared globally. The CIIE itself is transforming from an initiative to a feat. So far, it will get better and better, and it will definitely get better and better. (Reporter: Ji Ming, Qi Zhongxi, Yao Yujie, Zhou Rui, Shanghai reporter, participating reporter: Wang Moling)

“Benefits at the meeting” deep integration of global trade

The CIIE is becoming an important window for the world economy to participate in the new development pattern of China’s “dual cycle”.

At the CIIE, the most intuitive thing is market integration. The two markets at home and abroad are deeply integrated, global commodities are converging in China, and more and more global goods are accelerating into the shopping carts of Chinese consumers, and the excellent “Made in China” has also obtained a larger display platform. At the same time, both online and offline markets are highly integrated here. More and more CIIE exhibits are signed to enter the e-commerce platform. Consumers can buy the “Same model of CIIE” online as soon as possible, superimposed on the “Double 11” effect, and “Same model of CIIE” has changed in seconds. Double 11 hits”. This year’s CIIE also incorporates the new format of e-commerce live broadcast for the first time. Consumers can “go to the Expo in the cloud” and overseas brands will first try “live streaming with goods”. Exhibitors and purchasers who cannot be present due to the pandemic can use the online Participate in the above way. China’s strong domestic demand and the vigorous vitality of China’s e-commerce are once again blooming on the world economic stage.

The CIIE has increasingly become a booth for forward-looking technology integration. Industrial interconnection, intelligent manufacturing, and high-end equipment u2026u2026 are digital products and solutions that subvert imagination, showing new trends in industrial upgrading and consumption upgrading. There are not only visible products, but also “invisible” services: in the service trade exhibition area opened for the first time in this year’s CIIE, a variety of high-end and smart hotel services, logistics services, community services, etc. satisfy people’s expectations for a better life. And various innovative financial services have become the link and bridge to build a new domestic and international “dual cycle” development pattern.

At the CIIE, you can also see the integration of global culture. Every exhibit at the CIIE is a footnote to the cultural diversity of the world, condensing the wisdom of the people of the world. While trading goods and services, the CIIE is constantly exchanging culture and ideas. 2020 International Industrial Internet Innovation and Development Forum, 2020 Industrial Investment and International Financial Cooperation Forum u2026u2026 From the perspective of the industry, economic summits and cultural feasts complement each other, which will definitely promote the further opening, exchange and integration of the global economy, and promote China and the world to join hands in economic recovery Develop and share the future.

The CIIE is even more a fusion of the world trading system. At the CIIE, the dual structure system and the three-pole trade system were weakened, and a community with a shared future for mankind that “work together in the same boat to meet challenges, open cooperation and share the future” became a consensus. Ethiopia’s coffee, Gambia’s national costumes, South Sudan’s handicrafts, Tanzania’s sapphire u2026u2026 44 least developed countries in the world, more than 30 have been invited to participate in the CIIE, can share the same Chinese market with other countries opportunity. The CIIE is becoming an important public platform for jointly safeguarding multilateralism.

Under the great changes unseen in a century, how to better grasp the development trend of international trade and industry, better carry out international economic and trade cooperation, maintain a free, stable and fair world economic order, and promote the sustainable development of global trade and economy is a problem. Important topics of widespread concern. As an important international public product, the CIIE continues to explore new international cooperation under the new pattern of international trade, and the “spillover effect” is further amplified. Under the gloom of the global Coronavirus pandemic, the CIIE will bring opportunities for the world economy to recover. It will also profoundly affect the world trade pattern.

As the world’s first national-level exhibition with the theme of imports, the CIIE is an important platform for China to expand and open up in the new era, as well as an important platform to promote the development of domestic and international “dual cycles” and promote global economic recovery and development. It is foreseeable that the CIIE will further enhance the ability and energy level to allocate global resources, and will also witness China’s strides from a major trading country to a powerful trading country, becoming an important engine of economic globalization and a stabilizer of international trade. (Wu Wei)