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Challenge the highest difficulty and qualify for the Winter Olympics. Yuzu is back!

Challenge the highest difficulty and qualify for the Winter Olympics. Yuzu is back!

by YCPress

December 26 With the fall of the last note of “Commoning Heaven and Earth”, Yuzuo completed his free skating with an almost perfect performance. On the evening of the 26th, Beijing time, in the men’s singles competition of the All-Japan Figure Skating Championship and the Beijing Winter Olympics Trial, Yuzu won the championship with a total score of 322.36 points, successfully qualified for the Beijing Winter Olympics.

This is Yuzuo’s debut this season. After the World Figure Skating Team Championships in April this year, he never appeared on the field again. Yuki Hanyu planned to participate in the NHK Cup Grand Prix in Tokyo last month, but was forced to withdraw from the game due to a right ankle injury before the game.

His return to the All-Day Championships is almost perfect. In the short program competition, he ranked first in excellent performance, and in the free skating competition, Yuzu Hanyu historically challenged the extremely difficult 4A jumping action. Although the number of action weeks was insufficient, he landed safely, and he announced his return with the championship.

According to the regulations of the Japan Skating Association, the winner of this competition will directly qualify for the Beijing Winter Olympics. If nothing unexpected happens, he will stand on the ice rink of the Beijing Winter Olympics in dozens of days.

At the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Yuzu Hanyu became the first men’s solo skating champion in Asia. Unlike men’s singles players in Russia, the United States or European countries, he added a light oriental charm; at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Yuxian successfully defended his title.

People’s expectations for Yuzuo Yuxian have long surpassed the game itself. This challenge to 4A jump is exactly his efforts to rewrite the history of figure skating.

“If I want to jump 4A, I have been released, so I still want to jump. As long as I make up my mind to challenge all the way, there is nothing that can’t last. According to media reports, Yuzuo Hanyu said so before the game.

Indeed, Yuzuru Hanyu is called the hero of hot-blooded comics by many people. His life experience is bumpy, wonderful and romantic.

Born in 1994, Yuzuo Hanyu began to learn figure skating at the age of 4. He showed extraordinary skills as a teenager and won the World Youth Championships in 2010.

In the 2011 earthquake in Japan, his hometown Sendai was the hardest hit area. At the time of the big earthquake, Yuki Hanyu was training at the skating rink in Sendai City. At the moment the ground was shaking, he fled in skates. The terrible memories of the earthquake have not disappeared in his heart for a long time.

That summer, Yuxian Hanyu gave up the opportunity to train abroad and participated in charity performances to raise funds to help the affected areas. Since then, his fate has been closely linked to figure skating.

Feathers bear strings. Photo Source: Xinhuanet

In November 2014, in the China Cup of the Figure Skating Grand Prix, Yuzuru Han Han Han Han Han Han and a Chinese player accidentally collided while warming up, both of whom were injured to varying degrees. Yuzuru’s temples and neck were injured, and blood spilled on the field.

After all the players left the field, Yuzu Hanyu slowly slipped out of the field and wiped the blood from their necks with his hands. At that time, he once said to the people around him, “No problem. I will slip when I die.”

In the subsequent free skating competition, Yuzuo came out with a flesh-colored bandage on his head and his condition was completely affected. I fell five times in the game, but I got up again and continued to slide. In the end, he won the second place in that game. At that time, the free skating track of Yuzuki was Phantom of the Opera, so people called the performance “Phantom of Blood”.

The peerless genius is getting brighter and brighter on the field. At the two Winter Olympics, he is the brightest star. But in fact, before the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Hanyu’s situation was a little similar to that of now. In November 2017, shortly before the opening of the Winter Olympics, Yuzu Hanyu fell down in training, hurting the ligaments of his ankle.

Although people worried that his injury would affect the performance of the Winter Olympics before the game, at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, he finally defended his title with an episode of the movie Onmyoji as a free skating track. In this music, his character is Abe Haruka, a master with strong spells in the Heian era of Japan.

Yuzuru Hanyu’s appearance is quite similar to Abe Qingming in the movie, and he is unrestrained and has a unique temperament, as if the Yin and Yang master in the Heian era has come to modern times. In the Heian era in the movie, evil spirits were everywhere, and the clear light was like the light in the dark. Yuzu Hanyu also looked like a light when he stood on the ice rink.

In that wonderful game, CCTV’s commentary was regarded as a classic by Japanese audiences. The Sochi Winter Olympics champion challenged the young players around him in the Pyeongchang cycle reminded me of a sentence – fate, whispering to the Warriors: You can’t resist the storm. The Warriors responded in a low voice: I am the storm.”

Now, as the champion of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, he is also troubled by injuries and illness in the Beijing Winter Olympics cycle, but even under such circumstances, he still chose to challenge difficult movements in his return battle. Maybe this is the plot of the hot-blooded comics.

In February next year, in Beijing’s Capital Gymnasium, perhaps a new legend will be written. Yuzu Hanyu has broken through himself again and again in the past years. This time, the regret of not completing 4A perfectly may be made up for in Beijing.