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British Prime Minister: Coronavirus testing will be provided twice a week for everyone in England.

Can the Prime Minister’s call for “relemma” save Britain’s dilemma?

by YCPress

There are signs that most countries involved in the “quarantine” of the UK will not easily relax their positions at least before Christmas Eve, and the UK will face the problem of logistics stagnation.

December 23, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s news of calling on mercy from various countries rushed to the hot search.

In response to the “coronavirus mutant strain”, since December 19, more than 40 countries and regions such as the European Union’s “Ring Britain”, Canada, Oman, India, Kuwait, Iran, Israel, El Salvador and other countries and regions have temporarily cut off flights with the United Kingdom.

France suspended all buses and freight vehicles to and from the Channel Undersea Tunnel.

As Christmas Eve approaches, more countries and regions continue to join the ranks of “quarantine” for Britain, and Britain has temporarily become a “island of Europe”.

On the 21st, local time, British Prime Minister Boris held a press conference in Downing Street, saying that Britain “takes decisive action to curb the spread” after discovering a variant of the virus, hoping that these countries would “be show mercy”.

Boris also specifically mentioned that he had talked with French President Macron on the issue of “resuming the supply chain between Britain and continental Europe”.

Britain is an island country. Affected by its geographical location, many supplies rely on tunnels and air transportation. After cutting off the European supply chain, logistics transportation has become a big problem.

So Boris expressed concern at the high-level meeting that if the port is closed for more than two days, some food will run out in a few weeks; the shutdown of freight between Britain and France will not only affect the food supply, but also the supply of the coronavirus vaccine.

In addition, there are many British citizens living in other European countries. As Christmas and the New Year are approaching, British people from abroad go home for reunion, and British people at home are looking forward to going abroad for vacation.

The current traffic disruption caught Britain off guard.

It is worth mentioning that December 2020 is the last month of the Brexit transition period, and the final negotiations between the United Kingdom and the EU Brexit are deadlocked, and the UK faces a “hard Brexit”.

With the “flow of people and things” facing stagnation, Boris called on countries to “high up their hands” and hope that there would be no more serious disruptions in the supply chains of the UK and Europe, which is undoubtedly the cause of the situation.

Boris’s “depreciation” is naturally a last resort: if continental transportation continues to increase the “quarantine” measures of the United Kingdom by the world, it is bound to accelerate his own support.

However, other countries such as Europe are also facing a winter epidemic response. If the prevention and control of the epidemic at home is relaxed because of the United Kingdom, it is obviously not what all countries want to see.

Christmas and New Year are relatively important festivals in Europe and the United States, and also the period of the largest cross-border movement of people in the year. During the “Spring Festival travel rush”, I’m afraid that no country dares to let go of traffic easily.

However, for the EU and many countries, “political correctness” still needs to be said after all.

Following WHO and American public health expert Fauci’s successive statements that “there is no need to cut off flights to and from the United Kingdom”, the European Commission also issued a statement by European Justice Didier Reynders on December 22, saying that “as long as quarantine and quarantine measures are appropriate, thousands of people should not be prevented.

“The return of EU and British citizens to their respective homes” was a response to Boris’s appeal.

According to other British sources, Britain’s communication with French President Macron, who himself is still in quarantine due to the diagnosis of the novel coronavirus, has also achieved positive results on “restore the smooth logistics between Britain and France”.

But there are signs that most countries involved in the “quarantine” of Britain will not easily relax their positions at least before Christmas Eve.

Whether there will be a “commodity shortage” in British supermarkets after cutting off the supply chain in Europe depends on whether countries’ policies to the UK will be adjusted.

In the case of new variables brought by the novel coronavirus variant strain to the global epidemic prevention situation, some countries may still choose “thirty-six strategies, caution as the best strategy”.