Home Politics Biden couldn’t help laughing.
Biden couldn't help laughing.

Biden couldn’t help laughing.

by YCPress

According to a video released by the Hill newspaper, a reporter mentioned that Trump plans to submit his application for another presidential election in January next year.

Then the reporter turned his conversation and asked whether Biden would consider submitting an application for re-election early next year to show that “you will not become a lame duck president”? In the United States, people usually use the unrespectful term “lame duck” to describe the outgoing president.

Screenshots of the report of The Hill

Biden further said, “I’ve been saying from the beginning, look, let’s start at this moment and do our work well in the next few years. This is a goal, it is not my political future, it will improve the living environment of ordinary Americans.

That’s it. The message I want to send to the American people is that I hope they have learned about me. It’s all about them, not about me.”

On the same day, Biden also talked about the coronavirus epidemic and other issues at the event. Biden said, “One thing I promise you about my leadership in this crisis: I will tell you directly, and I will tell you the truth.

Now there’s a simple truth: The darkest days we’ve fought against COVID-19 are still behind and not over.”

CNN also praised the $900 billion coronavirus relief bill passed by Congress in his speech.

He also promised to provide relief to Americans who are out of work and closed small businesses due to economic turmoil (caused by the coronavirus), including ensuring that the unemployed do not suffer from food shortages or be evicted from their “homes”, and to provide personal protective equipment and direct subsidies to closed small businesses so that they can safely open and continue to send employees.