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The pandemic in Los Angeles County has worsened, and the Grammy Awards have been postponed.

California’s medical system is on the verge of collapse: the morgue and funeral home are full.

by YCPress

January 2 – U.S. media reports that the surge in the number of cases has brought California’s medical system to the verge of collapse. Every 10 minutes in Los Angeles, there are deaths. Not only are hospitals full, but also morgues are full, and funeral homes have refused to collect them again.

According to CNN on the 1st, the epidemic in the United States resurges after the Thanksgiving holiday. The number of confirmed cases in November 2020 just exceeded 10 million, and immediately increased to 20 million in two months.

According to Johns Hopkins University data, as of January 1, 2021 local time, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States has exceeded 2010 million, and the death toll reached 347,787.

In California, there is a collapse of the medical system. Because of the Thanksgiving holiday and various factors, the number of cases has soared. The ICUs of all hospitals can no longer accept patients.

Even ambulances entering the emergency room need to queue up, and can only use empty places such as local gymnasiums to build temporary hospitals.

The Los Angeles Times pointed out that the number of hospitalizations for COVID-19 in California increased eightfold in these two months, compared with Los Angeles tenfold.

Los Angeles emergency medical director Cathy Chidester revealed that ambulances have to queue outside for seven to eight hours even to enter the emergency room, and hospital medical personnel are too busy to answer emergency calls (911).

Chist said that because patients with COVID-19 need a lot of oxygen, the chronic shortage of oxygen cylinders in the hospital also prevents patients who go home to isolate themselves from receiving perfect treatment.

The morgue of Los Angeles hospital is full and refuses to accept it again. It can only be put in the local forensic office and warehouse. California funeral workers said that many people have entrusted their second family with the funeral, but they really can’t afford it.

Since November 7, 2020, all data on the epidemic in California have surged. On Thursday (December 31, 2020) the state added 27,237 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 428 deaths.

As of January 1st local time, more than 2.2 million Californians have been infected, of whom more than 25,000 have died; 21,449 patients have been admitted to hospitals across the state, and more than 4,500 patients have been admitted to ICUs.

In addition, California announced confirmed cases of the mutant virus on Wednesday (December 30, 2020).