Buying robots for pandemic prevention, Tom was “broken” for Mission Impossible 7

The prop gun in the first 007 movie was sold at a high price. ( Photo/Eastern Multimedia News Cloud)

Buy robots for pandemic prevention! According to the British Sun on the 13th, Hollywood star Tom Cruise was “broken” about his new film Mission Impossible 7.

Recently, he spent a lot of money on two state-of-the-art robots to strictly ensure that the filming scene meets the pandemic prevention requirements.

According to the scene, these two heavily purchased robots can not only supervise the work, but also help detect the novel coronavirus.” This robot is very advanced and looks very deterrent, as if it were a non-violent version of the terminator.

Mission Impossible was filmed in Venice, Italy, because two crew members of the crew had to stop working because they tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

The crew of Mission Impossible, who resumed work, had to switch to the UK for filming. In the studio recording that broke last month, Cruise loudly denounced the two crew members for not strictly observing social distancing.

Mission Impossible 7 crew also planned to shoot in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The staff revealed: “It is precisely because Cruise can’t guarantee that he is on the scene all the time that he spends a lot of money on these robots to supervise for him.

Last time I roared, it was a little too much, but I believe people will understand him.” Mission Impossible 7 is scheduled to be released in November this year, while Mission Impossible 8 is scheduled for November next year.

In view of the repeated rumors in the 007 series that Daniel Craig will no longer play Bond, there are also concerns about whether Ethan Hunter, the hero of the Mission Impossible series, will be replaced.

After all, Cruise is 58 years old, several years older than Craig, and he has repeatedly injured him in the game. But at present, there seems to be no sign of changing the lead of Mission Impossible series. Today’s viewers believe that Cruise is Hunter, and they have long forgotten that the series is also a reboot of the 1960s.

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