Home Politics New York mayor: New York will cut off three business cooperations with the Trump Group
New York mayor: New York will cut off three business cooperations with the Trump Group

New York mayor: New York will cut off three business cooperations with the Trump Group

by YCPress

The impact of Trump supporters on Congress not only dealt a political blow to the current president of the United States, but also caused him to suffer heavy economic losses.

According to the New York Times on the 13th, New York Mayor de Blasio announced on the same day that the city would terminate three business cooperations with the Trump Group. This move may cost the Trump Group $17 million a year.

According to the report, New York City will stop its cooperation with Trump Group on two skating rinks and a merry-go-round project in Central Park, and will also cancel the Bronx Golf Course cooperation contract with it.

De Blasio said that he cut off contact with the Trump group because the U.S. president incited his supporters to violently rush into the U.S. Capitol, which constituted a crime. De Blasio said that under the law, the city has the right to cut off ties with companies that committed crimes.

According to the mayor’s statement, New York City will act quickly to terminate contracts involving skating rinks and carousels within 30 days, while contracts involving golf courses are more complex and may take months to cancel.

“It’s just political discrimination and an attempt to violate the First Amendment, which we strongly oppose.” Amanda Miller, spokesman of the Trump Group, said that New York City does not have the right to terminate its contract with its group, and if the city government acts strongly, it will need to pay more than $30 million in default fees for the Trump Group.

Trump’s son Eric condemned the decision of New York City, claiming to take the city government to court, “which once again proves de Blasio’s incompetence and blatant disregard for facts”.

After the shock to Congress, many companies and institutions have taken action to cut ties with Trump and his family and plunge the Trump group into chaos.

According to US media reports, the American Professional Golf Players Association had previously decided that next year’s PGA Golf Championship would not be held at Trump’s golf course in New Jersey.

Shopify’s e-commerce website will remove Trump-related online stores, and social media such as Twitter have also blocked his account.

Lawmakers who once strongly supported Trump to overthrow the election results were also affected.

According to Axios News Network, sports goods company Nike, entertainment film and television company Disney, retail leader Wal-Mart and other companies announced the suspension of political donations for these people.

Facebook, Microsoft and Google have suspended all political advertising to avoid propaganda for extremists before Biden takes office.