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Burst late at night! French gunfire!

Burst late at night! French gunfire!

by YCPress

According to AFP citing police sources, on the afternoon of October 31, local time, a Greek Orthodox priest was shot at a church in Lyon

a city in southeastern France, and his life is now in danger. 

On the evening of the 31st, the Lyon police arrested a suspect in the shooting earlier that day. 

The mayor of Lyon stated that it is too early to characterize the attack.

Street view of the church where the incident occurred, from French media

At about 4 pm local time on the 31st, a man wearing a black coat and black hat shot and attacked the church clergy who was locking the door at the time, causing serious injuries to the abdomen of the latter. After committing the crime, the suspect fled the scene. 

That night, the police arrested a suspect based on the description of an eyewitness, but the police did not find the gun that committed the crime, and the identity of the suspect is being confirmed.

Incident church

Regarding the attack that happened that day, Lyon Mayor Duce said in the evening that since the motive of the crime is not yet known, it is too early to characterize the attack. 

The local prosecutor’s office in Lyon has now launched an investigation into the case with a “murder attempt”

but at the same time it maintains close contact with the National Anti-Terrorism Procuratorate.

Crime scene

According to a French media interview with a local priest that evening, the injured began to serve in the church around 2007, and there has been conflict with a believer since then and he has called the police.

Due to several recent terrorist attacks in France, the French government attached great importance to the shooting incident in Lyon. 

French Prime Minister Castay and Interior Minister Dalmanin, who were visiting abroad, returned to Paris that night to discuss the situation with President Macron.