December 5 According to a report on the British Guardian website on the 5th, Nazim Zahavi, chairman of the British Conservative Party, was accused of insulting the staff of the National Health Service with a “ridiculous” statement. He said that it was not time for them to strike for low wages, because it would help Putin divide the West.

Zahavi told the media that the nurses should cancel the strike and give up their request for a raise, because doing so may fall into the hands of the Russian president. He said that the Russian president is trying to exacerbate Western inflation.

He called on unions representing nurses and other medical workers to participate in the negotiations – but the Royal Society of Nursing pointed out that it was the government minister who refused to negotiate the remuneration agreement of the National Health Service.

Union sources said they were willing to consider concessions, but the government refused to discuss the issue of salary increases.

According to the report, if the government refuses to reconsider the 3% salary increase in the case of an inflation rate of as high as 11%, the Royal Society of Nursing plans to hold two strikes on December 15 and 20. The Harmony Union, the United Trade Union and the British Federation of Trade Unions are also considering taking action, and ambulances of some service agencies may strike before Christmas.

Zahavi said on the 4th that the army will be on standby and ready to drive an ambulance. He urged the union not to continue to strike.

He said, “This is a moment to unite and send a very clear message to Putin that we will not split in this way… Our message to the union is that this is not the time to go on strike, but to try to negotiate.”