December 5 According to a report by the German News Agency on the 4th, Ischia, Italy, was hit by another strong storm recently. A week ago, the southern island of Italy suffered heavy precipitation and landslides, killing at least 11 people.

According to the report, videos from Crotone and other places show that emergency services use inflatable boats on completely flooded roads to help people evacuate. The storm caused serious damage to property, and people were evacuated to safety. No casualties have been reported yet.

The civil defense department set up a crisis response team and tweeted at noon on the 4th that landslides and mudslides occurred in Sicily and roads were blocked.

Floods and hurricanes were reported in Calabria and Puglia. In the Lipari Islands between Sicily and Calabria, a magnitude 4.6 earthquake occurred that morning, but it did not cause significant damage.

It is reported that on the severely damaged island of Ischia, hundreds of residents from risk areas are temporarily placed in hotels or relatives’ homes on weekends because the authorities are unable to ensure whether continuous rainfall will lead to further landslides.