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Britain announces resumption of negotiations on future relations with the EU

by YCPress

London, October 21 (Reporter Wang Huihui) The British Prime Minister’s Office announced on the 21st that negotiations on future relations between the United Kingdom and the European Union will be resumed on the 22nd, but it does not rule out the possibility that the two sides cannot reach an agreement.

The British Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement on the same day that the UK is ready to restart negotiations with the EU team, and the two sides have jointly established some principles for the intensive negotiation phase. It is reported that the first phase of negotiations will be held in London from 22nd to 25th.

The Prime Minister’s Office stated that in the most difficult areas of negotiations, there are still major differences between the positions of the UK and the EU. Both parties made it clear that reaching an agreement requires joint efforts. “It is entirely possible that the negotiation will not succeed.”

British Prime Minister Johnson stated on September 7 that October 15 will be the deadline for Britain and the EU to reach a trade agreement. If an agreement cannot be reached by that time, “the two parties should accept this fact.” Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator in charge of Britain’s “Brexit” affairs, said that the negotiations are not over yet and the EU will work hard “until the last day”. He suggested that the British side continue the negotiations until the end of October.

After the EU leaders met in Brussels on October 15, the British side once stated that the EU summit marked the end of negotiations between the two parties. If the EU does not fundamentally change its position, there is no need for further talks.

Britain officially “Brexit” on January 31 this year, and then entered an 11-month transition period. If the UK and Europe fail to reach a trade agreement during the transition period, the bilateral trade will return to the WTO framework from 2021 and re-implement border inspections and tariffs.