Home Politics Biden will deliver his 100th address to Congress today, attended by Harris and Pelosi
Biden will deliver his 100th address to Congress today, attended by Harris and Pelosi

Biden will deliver his 100th address to Congress today, attended by Harris and Pelosi

by YCPress

U.S. President Joe Biden will address Congress for the first time on his 100th day in office at 9:00 p.m. Et. The speech is expected to address a number of major topics, summarize his 100-day administration and propose trillions of dollars in social welfare reforms to support children’s health care, education and family leave.

According to a summary of the White House’s pre-released speech, Biden will play the role of “chief salesman” in the speech, the BBC reported. Biden will launch two big spending packages: the American Jobs Plan and the American Family Plan.

Among them, the American Family Program will provide free pre-school education for children between the ages of 3 and 4 in the United States, as well as free community college education and family paid leave for Americans. The U.S. Jobs Program invests in infrastructure such as public transportation, railroads, airports, water pipelines, roads and bridges, and high-speed networks. It would be The Largest Social Welfare Reform Program In The United States Since 1960.

Previously, the Biden administration had pushed through a new $2 trillion bail-out, but the bill did not have the support of any Republican in Congress.

In his three months in office, Biden has focused on fighting Coronavirus pandemic. The number of vaccinations in the United States has not only met the target, but has also doubled the number promised. Biden is expected to highlight his record against the pandemic.

Biden’s speech will also create a historic moment. This is the first time in U.S. history that two women have sat behind the president as he addressed Congress. Vice President Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will both wear masks as they sit behind the podium during their speeches.

Biden reportedly spoke to Congress for about 21 minutes. The President of the United States usually addresses Congress annually, and the new President addresses Congress in his first year in office, but this is not called the State of the Union address. Biden had planned the speech in early February, but has repeatedly postponed it.

According to a Washington Post-ABC poll, Americans are 52 percent satisfied with Biden, while 42 percent disapprove of his performance. The data show that political divisions in the United States continue. Biden’s 100-day poll rating is the third-lowest of any U.S. president, but about 10 percent higher than Trump’s during the same period.