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Biden signed a number of climate policies and made speeches.

by YCPress

January 27th, Biden signed a number of policies related to the climate crisis, including: requiring the Secretary of the Interior to suspend new oil and gas leases on federal land or offshore waters; and increasing public investment in green infrastructure and carbon emissions from power plants by 2035, including $2 trillion in clearing Clean energy project.

Biden established climate policy as “an essential element of U.S. foreign policy and national security” and directed Director of National Intelligence Haynes to prepare an estimated intelligence on the impact of the climate crisis on national security, and instructed all agencies to develop relevant strategies.

Biden will also re-establish the President’s Council of Science and Technology and form a national climate task force, which will be composed of 21 federal agencies and heads of departments.

In his signing ceremony speech, Biden also talked about the connection between his climate policy and employment issues.

He hopes that the United States will lead the world in clean energy in the future, which means that increasing green infrastructure and developing innovative products will not only bring healthier lifestyles and cleaner environments to Americans, but also bring more jobs.

Among the administrative measures Biden signed up is the creation of a citizen climate action plan that allows Americans to engage in jobs including restoring public lands and waters, increasing afforestation and protecting biodiversity.

On the field of automobile exhaust emissions, Biden said that the Trump administration chose to favor large oil companies and lowered the standards for automobile exhaust emissions.

Biden also pointed out that policies, including tax rebates, will be adopted to make consumers more inclined to buy electric vehicles.