Home Politics Biden said he would develop relations with Taiwan, but a detail in his speech made the Taiwan authorities very embarrassed.
Biden said he would develop relations with Taiwan, but a detail in his speech made the Taiwan authorities very embarrassed.

Biden said he would develop relations with Taiwan, but a detail in his speech made the Taiwan authorities very embarrassed.

by YCPress

Today, Taiwan’s “United Daily News” reported that US Democratic presidential candidate Biden published an article in the newspaper’s Chinese media “World Journal” in the United States, canvassing votes for the Chinese community in the United States for his election campaign.

Among them, he also mentioned that if he wins the US presidential election, he will develop US relations with Taiwan.

Judging from the original English and Chinese translation of Biden’s article entitled “A Prosperous Future for Our Families” published by Taiwan’s “United Daily News”, Biden actually talked about a lot of the US election in the article.

The social and political issues involved, such as how he will improve the U.S. immigration policy and encourage more people including Asians to come to the U.S. to pursue their dreams, how to revive the U.S. economy, how to lead the U.S.

to overcome the epidemic and reform medical insurance, etc. . Of course, it may be limited by space. He did not give a specific policy, and he still shouted slogans.

As for the development of the relationship between the United States and Taiwan, Biden mentioned when he explained his foreign policy. 

He declared that the new crown virus has made the United States realize that it cannot continue to be isolated and must re-establish relations with close allies. “This includes deepening its relationship with Taiwan, a leading democracy, a major economy, and a technological center. Relationship”. 

Biden also called Taiwan “a shining example of an open society that can effectively control the new crown virus.”

However, although Biden’s remarks will make the Taiwan authorities quite excited, there are still two paragraphs in his article, which may make the Taiwan authorities quite embarrassed.

One of the contents of this is that Biden stated that he will cooperate with the mainland under conditions that are in the interests of the United States, and listed the two areas of public health and climate change.

Another aspect is more worthy of attention: Biden made it clear that the Trump administration had known the severity of the new crown epidemic in January this year, but did not take action to stop the spread of the epidemic.

This led to the death of 220,000 Americans and 30 million. Americans are unemployed, and one in five businesses closes.

The reason why these two paragraphs embarrass the Taiwan authorities is that since this year’s new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Taiwan authorities,

who have repeatedly joined the World Health Organization, have been colluding with the Trump authorities who want to shirk their responsibility for preventing the epidemic. By “stealing concepts” and “distorting facts,”

while spreading rumors that the mainland “concealed” the epidemic that caused the United States to lose control of the epidemic, while attacking the

World Health Organization as a mainland “puppet” and intending to follow the Trump administration Together “set up a separate stove.”

Therefore, Biden now publicly stated that it was Trump’s responsibility for the U.S. pandemic to be so bad.

He also said that to cooperate with mainland China in the field of public health is to beat the Taiwan authorities and other anti-China forces that promote similar views.

However, those “drug media” pro-DPP authorities in Taiwan also seem to know that after Biden takes office, there is a high probability that he will not be like Trump in disregarding the bottom line of relations with China. Therefore, their current attention to

Biden is not focused on the article he wants to develop relations with Taiwan. Instead, they are following Trump and his supporters in hyping up Biden and his son’s corruption, helping the special Lampe refuted the

Democratic Party, and some DPP politicians also threatened that Biden “failure has been revealed.”