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Biden: Impeaching Trump is necessary, but he may not be convicted.

by YCPress

January 26th According to a CNN local time report on the 25th, U.S. President Biden recently gave an interview and commented on Trump’s impeachment case.

He believed that it was necessary to impeach Trump, but he might not be convicted.

Biden reportedly believes that the impeachment of Trump is “necessary”, but he also admits that it will also affect his legislative agenda and cabinet nominations.

According to the analysis of the British media BBC, on the one hand, the Senate’s trial of Trump’s impeachment will increase the time cost of the Biden government to form a cabinet and impose executive orders

Which is not conducive to the new government’s timely introduction of the new policy; on the other hand, Republican opposition will lead to the further deepening of American politics and restrict Biden’s early governance. Interval.

In the interview, Biden also said that he did not think 17 Republicans in the Senate would convict Trump.

This means that the impeachment bill against Trump will not pass. At present, the Senate has 100 members, half Democratic and Republican.

Under the U.S. Constitution, at least two-thirds of senators support Trump’s conviction, which means that at least 17 Republican senators need to defect.

However, Biden also said that if Trump’s term ends six months later, the result will be different.

It is reported that the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives passed the impeachment clause against Trump on the 13th, accusing him of “sedition” and sent the impeachment clause to the Senate on the 25th.

The defense will start the week of February 8.

The trial is expected to be presided over by Democrat Chuck Schumer, who are weighing whether witnesses can be found in the February proceedings.