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Australian Prime Minister Morrison’s salary ranks fifth in the world

by YCPress

Overseas Network, October 24th. According to the news from the Associated Press of Australia (AAP) and Australia Channel Seven on the 24th, Australian Prime Minister Morrison is among the world’s highest-paid leaders, ranking fifth in the world, with an annual salary of up to 550,000 Australian dollars. (Approximately 2.62 million yuan).

The Australian Associated Press “Fact Check Column” survey found that Morrison’s annual salary includes a base salary of 211,000 Australian dollars and an additional salary of 338,000 Australian dollars, totaling 549,000 Australian dollars, equivalent to a daily salary of 1,505 Australian dollars.

Australian media also revealed that in May of this year, Morrison refused to temporarily cut his salary during the epidemic, saying that he “will continue to do a good job. This is my plan and I will be responsible for Australians.” In contrast, the annual salary is New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern, who is 440,000 Australian dollars, announced a 20% pay cut within six months to express his solidarity with the people affected by the epidemic.

According to incomplete statistics from Australian media, Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s annual salary and bonus amount to 2.26 million Australian dollars, ranking first; US President Trump’s annual salary of 614,000 Australian dollars, ranking third.