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Australian Prime Minister Morrison: Still committed to "contacting" with China

Australian Prime Minister Morrison: Still committed to “contacting” with China

by YCPress

Australian Prime Minister Morrison said in his remarks on the relationship with China on Monday that he said, “we are still committed to contacting China”.

Morrison said, “It is not surprising that there will be differences between two countries with such different economic and political systems.

Our mission is to ensure that this difference does not prevent Australia and China from achieving the reciprocity that partnerships can bring, in accordance with the sovereign interests of their respective countries.”

He also said, “Since the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership, China’s prospects and the nature of China’s external contacts at the regional and global levels have changed, and far more.

Of course, it was the past few decades that we have come to this day.

We can’t pretend that the situation remains unchanged. The world has changed.

A lasting partnership requires both of us to adapt to these new realities and talk to each other.

The focus of the dialogue is not on concessions, but on the field of reciprocity, and it is committed to finding a beneficial way for our country and people to the future.

Now we (Australia) are open to such a process.”

On January 27, New Zealand’s Trade Minister O’Connor said in an interview that if Australia can show respect, adopt a more diplomatic approach and be cautious in wording like the new side, Australia-China relations are expected to reach a level similar to that of New Zealand-China relations.

On January 29, Zhao Lijian, spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said at a regular press conference on the above remarks, “We have taken note of the new party’s relevant statement.

The successful experience of the development of relations between China and many countries, including New Zealand, shows that even countries with differences in historical traditions, social systems and stages of development, as long as they can adhere to the principles of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, focus on cooperation and properly address differences, bilateral relations can be fully developed.

In fact, Sino-Australian relations have also developed well in the past.

We hope that Australia will listen to the constructive opinions of people with insight from all walks of life, face up to and seriously reflect on the crux of the difficulties encountered in the relations between the two countries, earnestly adhere to the principle of mutual respect and equal treatment to handle the relations between the two countries, and do more things conducive to enhancing mutual trust between the two countries and promoting practical cooperation.