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WHO: Coronavirus vaccine is still limited and must be used strategically

Australian media said that they found “exciting evidence” from WHO experts to China, and the parties concerned replied.

by YCPress

Because the research on the traceability of the novel coronavirus in China directly smashed the conspiracy theory woven by Western countries that “the virus comes from the Wuhan laboratory” and also reached some conclusions that did not meet the expectations of the Western government, many experts from the WHO expert group to China have recently stood at the forefront of the storm and been attacked by the Western media. .

On February 14th, local time, Sharri Markson, the famous “anti-China advocate” of the Australian media, said in a program hosted by the Australian Sky News that the impartiality of the WHO expert group’s report on the origin of the novel coronavirus is being questioned.

Because according to the investigation, at least three members of the WHO Joint Expert Group on Coronavirus Traceability Research have an “unspeakable” relationship with China’s official agencies.

Three experts questioned by Shari Maxon include Peter Ben Embarek, WHO food safety and animal disease expert, who said at a press conference held on February 9 by the China-WHO Joint Expert Group on COVID-19 Traceability Research It is extremely impossible to say that the laboratory virus leak will not be studied in the future.

Peter Daszak, consultant of the World Health Organization’s pathogens and chairman of the Ecological Health Alliance, a non-profit organization in the United States, who distorted the WHO in American media publications such as the New York Times.

The words of the weaving expert shouted at the New York Times for being shameless after making a report that “some behaviors on the Chinese side seriously hindered the investigation process in China by the WHO expert group”; Dutch virologist Marion Koopmans, who was at the U.S. State Department After refusing to acknowledge the findings of the WHO investigation, spokesman Ned Price made a bizarre statement that “no rational person would think the virus came from somewhere else except Wuhan”, satirized Price, “It has indeed begun, and he is unwilling to wait for the report, right?”

In her report, Charry Maxon lists some of the three experts she collected that are called “pro-China” evidence. Evidence I is Peter Ben Ambarek’s acceptance of the “Scientific Spirit Award” from the Chinese Society of Food Science and Technology and the International Food Science and Technology Union in 2017.

“Evidence” II is Marion Kupmans, a scientific consultant of the Guangdong Center for Disease Control and Prevention. His resume is still posted on the official website of the Guangdong Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Evidence” three Peter Dazak said on his personal social media account in 2018 that he had a long-term cooperation with Shi Zhengli, a researcher at the Wuhan Institute of Virology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, on bat research.

After a forced connection of “everytime in China,” Shiri Maxon directly concluded that when some WHO “investigators” were “investigated” into links with China, public trust in the WHO report would naturally be damaged.

Then Shari Maxon began to whimise, “Wuhan Virus Institute has not opened its workbook so far, the details of the first 70 patients infected with the novel coronavirus have refused to be disclosed, and the relevant information about patient zero is currently zero…

The fact is that the novel coronavirus may have been naturally transmitted to humans through bats. , or spread to humans through intermediate hosts, but it may also be leaked through laboratories… so we need independent investigators to find answers with an open mind, not scientists who are considered by the Chinese government to have no problem.

Marion Coupmans, a Dutch virologist who had been “uncoerated” before even U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price, was rude after seeing this statement. She retweeted the news on her personal social media and directly “returned to it”, sarcastically, “Well, the new conspiracy theory is coming again. I’m a Guangdong disease.

Scientific advisor to the Control Center, so I became ‘worker for the Chinese government’ Oh, and by the way, I also work for Europe (Marion Coupmans is a member of the EU COVID-19 expert advisory panel, head of the EU National Reference Center for High Threat Pathogens), and also for the U.S. government (Marion. Kuppmans worked for three years in the veterinary department of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Members of the WHO expert group have refuted the remarks in the Western media represented by Charley Maxon many times that China is “uncooperative and opaque in investigation”.

On February 5, Peter Dazak praised the Chinese personnel had extensive and frank exchanges with the WHO team in an interview with the Associated Press. “I’ve been to everything I want to go, and I’ve seen everyone I want to see”, and openness and transparency exceed expectations.

On February 13, he also said on his personal social media account, “As the head of the Animal and Environment Working Group, I feel the trust and honesty of my Chinese counterparts. We have access to important new data from beginning to end (in the survey), and we also learned more about the way the virus is spreading.”

This is not the first time that Charly Maxson has made rumors about the source of the virus to smear China. Last May, Shari Maxon published an “exclusive report” in the Australian media The Daily Telegraph that according to a 15-page investigation obtained from the Five Eyes Alliance, China “willfully blocked or destroyed evidence of the coronavirus outbreak”, claiming that the novel coronavirus may have come from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Later, former Australian Prime Minister Rudd wrote in the British Guardian that the so-called 15-page investigation report obtained from the “Western government” was first “leaked” to Murdoch’s media in Australia, and then resold to American audiences by other media under his company to canvassit for Trump. Another Australian media, Time, dug up black material, pointing out that the so-called exclusive report was provided by the U.S. Embassy in Australia.

Several Australian media also revealed that the so-called “senior” journalist born in 1984 knew nothing about China. The “investigative report” was either based on rumors and media reports, or the “feeding” from officials of the U.S. Embassy and Consulate in Australia, which has no integrity or bottom line.