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Australia now suspected of secondary infection with new corona case, Fiji reappears imported case

by YCPress

October 21. The health department of Victoria, Australia, said on the 21st that a patient diagnosed with the corona may be a second infection. After the corona cases were cleared in Fiji, new imported cases appeared again. The number of imported cases in New Zealand is also increasing.

According to the Victorian Health Department, the patient was diagnosed with infection in July.

 An expert team composed of clinicians and pathologists is analyzing the patient’s activity trajectory, symptoms, epidemiological association with known confirmed cases, and test results to confirm whether it is a secondary infection or the previous virus in the body. Completely cleared.

According to data released by the Australian Federal Ministry of Health on the 21st

The country has newly confirmed 16 cases, with a total of 27,444 confirmed cases and a total of 905 deaths.

The New Zealand Ministry of Health announced on the 21st that there were 25 new confirmed cases in the country in a single day, with a total of 1,556. There are 23 imported cases of new cases, 18 of which are foreign fishermen who arrived in

New Zealand by chartered flights. 

At present, more than 200 foreign fishermen are quarantined in a hotel and undergo

COVID-19 testing.

The confirmed fishermen are then quarantined on the side of the hotel. 

Hotel staff and their families, airport staff, and bus drivers who have had contact with

these fishermen will all be tested for the coronavirus.

The Fiji Ministry of Health said on the 21st that a man who had returned to

Fiji from India by flight earlier this month was diagnosed with the covid-19 and is

currently receiving treatment in a hospital in Lautoka, the country’s second largest city, and is in stable condition. 

This is another imported case in Fiji after the coronavirus cases were cleared in the previous period.