Home Politics At least 46 people were arrested by the police during demonstrations in multiple cities in France
The suspect in the southern French shooting that killed two people has been captured by police after fleeing for four days

At least 46 people were arrested by the police during demonstrations in multiple cities in France

by YCPress

Paris, November 28 Marches and demonstrations took place in several cities in France on the 28th to oppose the relevant provisions of the Law Enforcement Personnel Act and police violent enforcement. Police and demonstrators clashed in some of the demonstration locations, and at least 46 demonstrators were arrested.

The 28th is the first day that France has relaxed its anti-epidemic measures. According to statistics from the French Ministry of the Interior, demonstrations took place in 70 cities across France that day, and the total number of participants exceeded 130,000. Clashes between the police and the demonstrators caused more than 30 police officers to be injured. In the capital Paris, at least 46 demonstrators were arrested. According to French media reports, the demonstrations were related to the government’s recent introduction of the “Total Security Act” and the assault of black men by the Paris police.

The “Total Security Law” was passed in the French National Assembly and will be submitted to the Senate for deliberation. Among them, Article 24 of the Act provides for penalties for malicious dissemination of images of police and military police, and disclosure of their facial features and identity information. French public opinion has different views on this clause. French Prime Minister Castel said on the 26th that an “independent committee” will be formed to redraft this clause.

The recent incidents of police violent law enforcement are also important inducing factors for demonstrations. According to French media reports, the black man and music producer Michel Zeckler was found by police on the streets of Paris without wearing a mask on the 21st of this month. He tried to return to his studio to avoid punishment, and three police officers entered the studio immediately. Conflict with it. Surveillance video circulating on the Internet showed that three police officers assaulted Zeckler. Zeckler did not appear to violently resist the law.

This incident aroused strong concern in French society about police violent law enforcement and racial discrimination. At present, several police officers involved have been suspended and under investigation. French President Macron posted on social media on the 27th that the incident was “shameful” and “unacceptable.”

He ordered the government to quickly make recommendations to rebuild trust between the French people and the police, and more effectively combat all forms of discrimination. He also said that individual law enforcement officers will never be allowed to abuse violence to tarnish the overall professional image.

On the 28th, French Interior Minister Darmanin condemned the demonstrators’ attacks on the police and military police on social media, calling such violence “unacceptable.”