Home Politics At least 110 people were killed in a Nigerian village attacked by the extremist organization Boko Haram.
An attack on a town in north-eastern Nigeria has killed 18 people

At least 110 people were killed in a Nigerian village attacked by the extremist organization Boko Haram.

by YCPress

On the 30th local time, Edward Karen, the United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Nigeria, said that a village in Borno State, Nigeria, was attacked by militants of the extremist organization Boko Haram on the 28th local time, killing at least 110 people.

According to the British Guardian on the 30th, Karen said in a statement that at least 110 villagers were ruthlessly killed in the attack. “This is the most direct violent attack on innocent civilians this year, and I call for the perpetrators of this heinous and meaningless act to be brought to justice,” he wrote in the statement.

According to the report, the governor of Borno said on the 29th that 43 bodies had been found on the day of the attack, but he also pointed out that the death toll may continue to rise after the search resumes. In addition, he said that several women may be kidnapped.

The Associated Press reported on the 29th, quoting Borno Representative Ahmed Satom as saying that the farmers were attacked because they “arrested” a “Boko Haram” militant who had been “torting” them on the 27th. He said in an interview, “The militant came to harass the villagers that day and ordered them to give him money and cook for him. The villagers took advantage of the gap between his unnoticed and tied him up. According to the report, in order to “retaliate” against the rural people, Boko Haram militants came to the village and attacked them.

President Mohammedhu Buhari of Nigeria expressed grief at the incident. He said on the 29th, “I condemn the terrorists for killing these villagers in Borno State. At this sad moment, I am with their family.” Buhari said the government has provided the country’s military with everything it needs to “take all necessary measures to protect the country”.

According to Xinhua News Agency’s previous report, Boko Haram, established in 2004, is the main extremist organization in Nepal and even in Central and West Africa. The organization carried out frequent terrorist attacks in Niger and the country’s borders with Cameroon and Nigeria, causing a large number of civilian casualties. Last March, the organization declared its loyalty to the extremist organization Islamic State.

The Associated Press reported that Boko Haram has been active in the region, causing thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of people displaced over a decade. District officials said that Boko Haram militants often forced villagers to pay illegal taxes by taking away livestock or crops, but some villagers have begun to resist such “blackmail”.