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Apple’s chief security officer accused of bribery to the police

by YCPress

According to Bloomberg, the indictment released on Monday showed that the California District Attorney accused Thomas Moyer, Apple’s chief security officer, of bribery to state officials.

Court documents and statements from the Santa Clara District Attorney’s Office show that Moyer appeared in a case of suspected bribery in exchange for hidden gun certificates with Santa Clara County Deputy Sheriff Rick Sung and Captain James Jensen. Ed Swanson, Moyer’s lawyer, said his client was not guilty.

A two-year investigation conducted by the District Attorney’s Office found that on one occasion, with the assistance of Jensen, Sung withheld the concealed gun permit until the applicant provided valuables.

“In the case of four hidden guns of Apple employees who may not be released, Deputy Sheriff Sung and Captain Jensen managed to extract Apple’s promise that they would donate iPads to the Sheriff’s Office,” the District Attorney said in a statement. “Worth of nearly 70,000 The $200 iPad donation of the US dollar was cancelled on August 2, 2019, 11 hours after Sung and Moyer were informed that the District Attorney’s Office executed a search warrant in the Sheriff’s Office and seized all of its hidden gun license records. “

Apple did not immediately respond to calls and texts seeking comments.

According to LinkedIn Archives, Moyer has joined Apple for 15 years and has been Apple’s chief security officer since November 2018. responsibilities include strategic management, crisis management, executive protection, investigation and confidentiality of new products for Apple and retail security.