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AP: Biden’s vote in Georgia equals Trump

by YCPress

On the evening of November 5th, Eastern Time, the election in Georgia (16 votes) was still stalemate, and the Democratic presidential candidate Biden had the same votes as the Republican presidential candidate Trump.

On November 5, 2020, local time, Georgia, USA, the counting of votes continues. People’s Vision

According to the real-time vote statistics released by the Associated Press, at X o’clock on November 5th Eastern time in Georgia, Trump’s vote rate in the state was tied by Biden, both 49.4%, but Trump still got 2,497 more votes than Biden.

As of press time, real-time statistics from the Associated Press show that Biden is still leading with 264 electoral votes and Trump is behind with 214 votes. If he wins Georgia, Biden will lock 270 votes in advance to win the election.

However, because the vote counting in Arizona (11 votes) is still in progress, and the gap between the two candidates is small. The “New York Times”, CNN, “Washington Post” and other media have not yet assigned the 11 electoral votes in Arizona to Biden, thus showing that Biden has received 253 electoral votes.

In addition to Arizona, the states whose votes have not yet been announced include Nevada (6 votes), Pennsylvania (20 votes), Georgia (16 votes) and North Carolina (15 votes).