Home LifestyleHealth American professor : Coronavirus proves that United States is not afraid of death and is much stronger than China
American professor : Coronavirus proves that United States is not afraid of death and is much stronger than China

American professor : Coronavirus proves that United States is not afraid of death and is much stronger than China

by YCPress

Yesterday, Bloomberg, a well-known American media, published an article that shocked many Chinese and Americans.

Because an American university professor who wrote this article actually claimed: Coronavirus pandemic proves that the United States is stronger than China and has a “huge” advantage over China.

The university professor named Tyler Cowen (Tyler Cowen), is a columnist for Bloomberg News, and also a professor of economics at George Mason University.

So, why when many Americans think that the United States has performed badly in Coronavirus pandemic, the professor at a prestigious American university believes that the pandemic has proved that the United States is much better than China? Next, we come to appreciate his high theory one by one.

First of all, the professor used vaccines as an example, saying that the vaccines jointly developed by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in the United States and BioNTech in Germany use “new” mRNA technology, which can not only quickly produce a large number of vaccines, but also apply to new viruses that will appear in the future. And China’s vaccine technology is “old”, and China has to “do its best” to increase production capacity.

He also said that this shows that China’s level is not among the “leading” internationally.

But embarrassingly, according to reports from many foreign media, the core technology of Pfizer’s vaccine is actually owned by other German companies, and Pfizer plays more of a role in organizing clinical trials. Therefore, it is strange at first that the American professor used a German technology to prove that the United States is ahead of China.

Secondly, Geng Zhige consulted Tao Lina, an expert in vaccines, and learned that although Pfizer and German BioNTech’s mRNA vaccines are the most advanced technology, China does not use any backward technology, but includes mature, stable and safe traditional vaccines. Live vaccine technology, advanced recombinant protein vaccine technology, and the parallel strategy of five lines including the German nucleic acid vaccine technology are to ensure that the most safe and effective vaccine can be obtained, rather than being a mouthpiece. After all, the latest technology is not as good as the more mature traditional technology. For example, the biggest problem with mRNA is that it has very high requirements for the cold chain.

Taolina also pointed out that even inactivated vaccines, the most traditional vaccine technology, are not backward. For example, there are many active vaccines commonly used internationally to inactivate polio, hepatitis A and rabies. vaccine.

(Some American media themselves pointed out that the biggest difficulty of this mRNA vaccine produced by Pfizer and another American pharmaceutical company, Modena, is the extremely high requirements for cold chain transportation, and whether logistics can support it will be a huge challenge)

However, the American professor who devalued Chinese vaccines without knowing anything and his absurd logic did not stop there.

Next, he was full of mouths that the United States was better than China, and he pulled out allies to fill the number, saying that the Coronavirus vaccine of BioNTech in Germany was developed by a Turkish immigrant couple, which shows that the United States and its allies are more It is possible to achieve breakthroughs in cutting-edge technology by attracting talented immigrants, such as quantum computing, but China cannot.

He also spread rumors in the article to discredit China’s “One Belt, One Road” project, saying that China cannot cultivate reliable allies—even if the fact is that the United States is the least reliable one in the eyes of its allies today, while China has a relationship with 14 countries. Co-signed the “Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement” (RCEP) and jointly established the world’s largest free trade zone.

He also claimed that the European Union now increasingly hates China, and that “the vast majority” of European countries agree to help the United States suppress Huawei. 

But yesterday’s news from the Danish media revealed that the US National Security Agency is monitoring the governments and private companies of many countries such as Denmark and Sweden. This makes people wonder whether it is because the hegemony of the United States has already illegally infiltrated these countries. These countries can only cooperate with the United States to avoid retaliation.

What’s more magical is that the American university professor also claimed that when China’s policies in Hong Kong and Xinjiang caused disgust in “many parts of the world,” the United States had experienced a “peaceful and orderly” general election.

Oh, it turns out that Trump did not refuse to admit defeat, did not criticize the manipulation of the US election with his supporters, did not fight Biden’s supporters on the streets of Washington, everything is our illusion..

(The picture shows the US Public Broadcasting Network’s report on the US election not long ago, saying that what the world sees is “chaos”)

The most disgusting thing is that the American professor actually claimed that although the United States’ response to Coronavirus pandemic has been messed up, it also shows that “the United States is not afraid of death” and proves that the United States is not “weak” as described by China and that the United States This kind of “not afraid of the dead” will also make China have to think twice when formulating military strategies against the United States.

I don’t know what the nearly 250,000 people who died of Coronavirus felt when they saw his extremely shameless remarks. Anyway, Brother Geng Zhi felt that this could no longer be described as a “funeral ceremony”, it was simply holding a bowel movement. It tastes like a big bite…..

In the end, the American professor has already posted his ignorant and obscene American “Strong Guowen” on his social account. However, it is gratifying that many American netizens who left messages for him were just like us Chinese. He was so disgusting that they were all scolding him, and these comments that scolded him received a lot of likes.

One of the netizens who left a message wrote: This article is too bad, both at the writing level and at the point of view. It is an incredibly stupid article. I can’t even believe that this kind of thing can be published. come out.

Some netizens also gave the American university professor an emoticon pack of “Pepe the Frog”, a representative symbol of American right-wing elements, smoking mental opium, to describe the paranoid state shown in his article.

One netizen said sharply: China is virus-free now. I wonder if this is considered a lead?