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After the U.S. election will it be chaotic

by YCPress

After the U.S. election will it be chaotic ? Washington, November 1st. On the last day of October, local time in the United States, the 2020 US general election entered the final 72-hour sprint.

In the United States, which is mired in multiple crises such as the new crown epidemic, economic recession, and racial issues, political division and social division have worsened in the election year, with frequent demonstrations, protests, conflicts, and riots. On November 3, election day is imminent, general election-related disputes such as mail voting may add another “fuse.” American scholar Francis Fukuyama recently wrote an article worrying that “the United States may be experiencing a major crisis related to the election itself.”

This weekend, as the candidates of the two parties finally staged an air war and canvassing for themselves, the atmosphere in various parts of the United States has also become tense. 

From government departments, law enforcement agencies to many merchants and shops are making preparations to prevent social unrest that may be triggered by this election. 

Trump and Biden scolded

The result of the general election may “wait several weeks”?

In the US presidential election, there is a saying that the “swing state” wins the world. At the last moment, the Republican presidential candidate, the current president Trump and the Democratic presidential candidate, and former Vice President Biden all focused their firepower on the “swing states.” Stimulated by electoral politics, some places have a strong smell of gunpowder, and there have even been demonstrations by the two factions of supporters.

On October 31, local time, Trump hosted four campaign rallies in Pennsylvania. Biden held two campaign rallies in Michigan and invited former President Obama to come on stage again to help out. The two sides severely criticized their opponents.

The Trump campaign said that from October 31 to November 2, Trump will hold 14 consecutive campaign rallies in Pennsylvania and multiple Midwest swing states. The Biden campaign said that Biden will hold a campaign in Pennsylvania on November 1st and 2nd.

What is concerning is that Trump said at the campaign rally that American voters may need to “wait several weeks” to know the final result of the election, and called this “a terrible thing” that would cause chaos in the United States.

Trump has made this statement many times recently. According to US media analysis, this may mean that Trump will not easily accept election results that are unfavorable to him.

Matthew Weir, director of election planning at the Bipartisan Policy Research Center of the US think tank, said that the highly polarized political environment this year, delays in election results or large fluctuations in the number of votes in the counting of votes may aggravate the candidate camp’s opposition to vote counting. Doubts, there may also be chaotic situations such as a candidate who declares his victory when he does not get enough electoral votes, or even asks to stop the counting of votes.

American public opinion and some experts worry that, given the growing disagreements in American society and the continued spread of extreme emotions, any uncertainty may cause chaos in the election and even lead to violent conflict.

Reinforced doors and windows around the White House

National Guard prepared for emergency

Washington, D.C. saw various protest signs hung on the iron fence north of the White House. After night fell, some protesters marched outside the White House with horns and protest signs.

According to the reporter’s observation, in order to cope with the “chaotic” situation that may occur on and after election day, some supermarkets, banks, flower shops, cafes, hotels and some federal government departments around the White House have reinforced their doors and windows with wooden boards, and some road sections have been pasted. Election day and the next day’s emergency notice of no parking. Such scenes are rare in previous elections.

According to the “Washington Post” report, the capital Washington has restricted the time off for police from this weekend to ensure sufficient police force; the police recently also spent $100,000 to buy less lethal ammunition and chemical stimulants; the United States National Guard has also Set up a reaction force to prepare for possible social unrest.

According to the National Broadcasting Corporation, many businesses across the country are preparing for the possible social unrest caused by the election. Some companies plan to close their doors early on election day and hire night security for some stores. In some shops, the windows are directly sealed.

Data disclosed by the software company ServiceChannel shows that in the last two weeks of October, about 310 companies in the United States ordered protective panels to reinforce doors and windows; dozens of companies requested additional security guards on election day.

According to other reports, retail giant Wal-Mart even announced that it would remove all guns and ammunition on sale, but later announced that it would withdraw this decision and adopt other security measures.