Home Politics After leaving the White House, the Ivankas may come here to settle down
After leaving the White House, the Ivankas may come here to settle down

After leaving the White House, the Ivankas may come here to settle down

by YCPress

New York Times published an observation report entitled “As the days in Washington gradually decrease, Ivanka and Kushner look for a new beginning”. The full text is excerpted as follows:

City officials in Bedminster, NJ, have a plan, or at least blueprint for possible future relocations of the Trump family: adding four new Pick courses to the “hut” of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner inside Trump National Golf Club, a Replacement of location helipad and a spa and yoga center.

As news awaits the return of the Trump family in Manhattan, the first daughter and husband seem to be preparing elsewhere: it may be in a deep house compound in New Jersey or in Florida, where President Trump is renovating his Mar-a-a-Lago estate.

New York doesn’t seem friendly now, so it’s not in their plan.

No matter where Ivanka and Kushner fall, they seem to be ready to quickly leave Washington, which has always made them feel incompatible. In 2016, the couple had expanded their “hut” in New Jersey, adding a basement and a fireplace living room, which were recorded on Ivanka’s social media. Bedminster’s new plan calls for an expansion of the master bedroom, bathroom and dressing room, with a new two-bedroom, a study and a first-floor balcony, making it similar to the $5 million house they rent in the rich area of Calorama, Washington for $15,000 a month.

The plan also calls for five additional “cabins” to the property, as well as a leisure center with SPA treatment facilities and “comprehensive shops”. The renovation has been going on for some time, but a representative of the Trump family will introduce the whole plan to the town on December 3, the family’s friend said.

Considering the financial resources of the Kushner family, Ivanka and Kushner will not lack business choices. Two people who know the couple said that Ivanka may be able to revitalize her jewelry and clothing brand and reposition her new conservative fan base, but two others said that such products could not be sold.

Brand management tycoon Doni Deutch in Manhattan said: “Kushner does real estate business. You can do real estate transactions, and if he does anything in Trump’s name, he can make money in a predominantly Republican area.”

No one ruled out the possibility of Ivanka’s political participation, which may be a candidate or a king.

“If I try to keep my Senate seat or run for governor of Michigan, Wisconsin or Pennsylvania, then I want more than Trump, I want all the members of the Trump family to be there to help,” said Sam Nonberg, who has been a short-term Trump campaign adviser.

He said: “I think Ivanka can live in two worlds: Trump’s conservative populist world and the Nikki Haley Country Club-Jeb Bush Republican world. I don’t mean to demeaning when I say so.”