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African American man was chased by police and killed in car accident

African American man was chased by police and killed in car accident

by YCPress

Source: Associated Press October 28. A 20-year-old American man of African descent was chased by police and killed in a car accident. Large-scale protests broke out in Washington, DC.

According to NBC reports, Karon Hylton-Brown, an African-American man, died in hospital on the 26th. Haydn Brown’s family accused the police of a car accident while pursuing Brown.

His family and community members gathered outside the Fourth District Police Station northwest of Georgia Avenue to protest on the afternoon of the 27th. Haydn Brown’s mother asked the police to allow her to enter the police station and said she wanted to see the police who “killed her son” she said.

Later that day, the protesters gathered in front of the police station. A man picked up a metal trash can and smashed the safety glass of the police station. Others picked up stones and threw them at the police station patrol car. 

The police fired pepper bombs and flash bombs nearby to expel the crowd. Haydn Brown’s father said: “What has happened shouldn’t have happened. You know, if that guy left my son alone, all this would not have happened.”

According to police reports, the protesters threw at the police. Stones and bricks, four policemen were injured. It is still unclear the extent of their injuries. One person was arrested.

The Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department said that they saw Haydn Brown riding an electric scooter without a helmet on the sidewalk of the 500 block northwest of Kennedy Street at around 10pm on the 23rd. 

The police tried to make a traffic stop. Haydn Brown crossed an alley while being chased and collided with a car in the 700 Kennedy Street block. 

The police gave Haydn Brown first aid, and medical staff took him to the hospital, where he died. The police classified Haydn Brown’s death as a traffic accident.

 Haydn Brown’s family and girlfriend said that the police are responsible for the accident. 

They want more information, they want to see the police’s camera video. Late on the 27th, Police Chief Newsham said in response to a reporter’s question that the video about the incident “does not show any connection between the police car and the scooter”.