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Number of victims in the Turkish earthquake rises to 116. after the earthquake search and rescue work is over

Aegean earthquake at least 12 people died in Turkey

by YCPress

Istanbul, October 31 An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.6 occurred in the Aegean Sea in western Turkey on the 30th, causing at least 12 deaths and hundreds of injuries in Turkey.

The Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Department said that the earthquake occurred at 14:51 on the 30th, Turkish time (19:51, Beijing time), with a magnitude of 6.6 and a focal depth of approximately 16.5 kilometers.

According to Turkish media reports, the earthquake was felt in Izmir Province and surrounding areas. Turkish NTV television reported that the footage showed that dozens of houses collapsed in Izmir Province.

Turkish President Erdogan said that the earthquake had caused at least 12 deaths and 438 injuries. Izmir Governor Yavuz Selim Kosgar said that the search and rescue team has rescued more than 70 people from the rubble, and the search and rescue work continues.

In addition, according to the US Geological Survey Earthquake Information Network, the magnitude of the earthquake was 7.0. The epicenter was about 14 kilometers northeast of the port of Nova Kalovasion on the Greek island of Samos, and the focal depth was 21 kilometers.

Greece announced on the 30th that a 6.6-magnitude earthquake occurred in the waters near Samos in the eastern Aegean Sea, and the Greek capital Athens and other places had obvious tremors.

Turkey is located in an earthquake-prone zone. In 1999, there were two consecutive earthquakes of magnitude 7 or higher in northwestern Turkey, killing about 18,000 people.

In 2011, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake occurred in the Van province of eastern Turkey, killing 644 people. In January this year, a 6.5-magnitude earthquake occurred in Elazig province in eastern Turkey, killing dozens of people.