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About 9 Million Covid-19 Cases in the U.S. White House still promoting herd immunity

by YCPress

About 9 Million Covid-19 Cases in the U.S. White House still promoting herd immunity

Overseas Network, October 29. Three White House officials recently broke the news that despite the public denial of the U.S. government, the White House is still promoting herd immunity against the new Covid pandemic and has begun to take steps to integrate this concept. Transform into policy.

According to the US media “The Daily Beast” (The Daily Beast) on the 29th, three senior White House health officials revealed to the paper that the US government is taking steps to promote this technology to the public regardless of public health consultants and doctors.

Warn that the technology will cause people to get sick and die. 

A supplier also said that although the White House has been cautiously using the “herd immunity” time period, the goal of its work is to protect susceptible people, while everyone else is ready to be exposed to the virus and may be infected.

Public welfare officials and experts have repeatedly mentioned that “herd immunity” strategies can be harmful and may even cause disaster. Marc Lipsitch, an epidemiologist at the Harvard School of Public Health, posted a criticism on social media on the 26th, pointing out that herd immunity is purely improper behavior and should not be a method or answer. It is an act of giving up fighting the Covid. 

The American public health expert Fauci also criticized herd immunity many times earlier, “If you do this, many people will die.” At that time, more than 160,000 people died in the country because of the pandemic. Fauci asked, “We really want to see more Do you die more?”

The World Health Organization has also stated that there is no “magic bullet” for the treatment of the new coronavirus, and it is “never impossible.” The agency urges countries to practice “fundamental principles”, including testing, isolating and treating patients, as well as tracking and isolating their contacts. The agency also said: “The message to the people and the government is clear: all this must be done.”

“Hidden immunity” means that there are enough people among the residents who are resistant to the virus, thereby slowing down the spread of the virus. One way is through vaccines. 

Another method is that in the absence of a vaccine, a large part of the population must be immune to the virus by producing antibodies. According to reports, earlier this summer, neuroradiologist and leading epidemiological consultant Atlas (Scott Atlas) promoted a strategy similar to that originally implemented in Sweden before the vaccine was obtained.

According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University, so far, nearly 9 million Americans have been infected by the new corona virus and more than 227,000 have died due to the pandemic. 

In the past week, there were more than 500,000 new coronavirus infections in the United States, a record high. As the number of new coronary pneumonia cases in the United States has risen at an alarming rate, public health experts once again warned that the multiplication of basic public health measures has become particularly important, especially wearing masks to avoid crowding and close contact in closed spaces with poor ventilation.