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A seafood market in Thailand surged in 516 local infections

by YCPress

Bangkok, December 19 Oba, head of the disease control department of the Thai Ministry of Health, said on the 19th that 548 new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus were added in Thailand that day, of which 516 were related to a seafood market in Samangshakon Province in central China.

This is the day with the highest number of confirmed cases in a single day since the outbreak of the epidemic in Thailand at the beginning of this year.

Auba said at a television press conference that night that the first local case of COVID-19 infection was found in a seafood market in Shamishakonfu on the 17th, and the relevant departments subsequently quarantined and tested 1,192 people for the virus in accordance with the procedure. On the 19th, 516 new confirmed cases related to the seafood market were reported, most of whom were asymptomatic infections.

Oba said that the seafood market will be temporarily closed from the 19th until January 3 next year. Since the vast majority of the infected are foreign workers and the scope of activities is basically near the seafood market, the government is confident of controlling the epidemic.

He also suggested that those who had gone to Shamishak Kongfu this month should self-isolate and pay attention to whether there were any symptoms of infection.

In order to urgently control the local epidemic, Yin Wei Lhasa, the government of Shamishakon Province, announced on the 19th that it would implement a 14-day “lockdown” in the province, including the closure of public places such as schools, shopping malls, gyms and gymsiums.