Home Politics 51 years later! The password letter of “serial murderer” in California, USA, was finally cracked…
51 years later! The password letter of "serial murderer" in California, USA, was finally cracked...

51 years later! The password letter of “serial murderer” in California, USA, was finally cracked…

by YCPress

After 51 years, the most famous outstanding case in American history, the “Zengong Killer Case”, has made important progress.

According to the report of Capitol Hill and CNN, the FBI confirmed on the 12th local time that one of the most puzzling secrets of the “Zen Happening House Killer” “340 Password” has been cracked by the password cracking team.

Zodiac killer is a serial murderer who committed many murders in northern California in the late 1960s. The murderer committed the crime with extremely cruel and impunity. He constantly sent password letters to the police and the media, in which he claimed to have killed 37 people. However, according to the results of the investigation, he killed only seven people, two of whom survived.

According to the Capitol Hill, although three of the four passwords have been cracked, its “340 cipher” issued to the San Francisco Chronicle in 1969 has plagued detectives and cryptographers for decades, waiting to be cracked.

David Olanchak, a software developer from Virginia, Jar van Eyke, a Belgian computer programmer, and Sam Black, an Australian mathematician, are believed to have cracked the “340 password,” according to CNN. Crack) The chance of success is very small, and we don’t even have any relevant information.” Oranchak said.

CNN reported that the password cracking showed that the letter was all capital letters, without punctuation, and the wrong spelling “paradise”: “I hope you have a good time in the process of arresting me. The person mentioned in the TV program is not me.

I am not afraid of the gas chamber because it will be more Send me to heaven quickly, because now I have enough slaves to serve me, and the others have nothing in heaven, so they are afraid of death. But I’m not afraid at all, because I know that my new life in heaven after death will be easy.” According to the report, the TV program mentioned in the letter refers to someone calling The Jim Dunbar Show and claiming to be a “Zen Zodiac Killer”.

The San Francisco Chronicle said that investigators had hoped that the final password would reveal the true identity of the murderer, as he had hinted.

But Aurangchuk said that the fear that this information would do more harm than good for the victim’s family, because it did not give any substantive answers.

“About the information in the password — I don’t think it helps them,” Olanchuk said. “It’s more like the trash that the killer likes to write about. Just to hurt people and scare them.”

On the 12th local time, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) confirmed on Twitter that a password about the “Zenogram Killer Case” was recently cracked by ordinary citizens.

But the investigation is still ongoing, which means that the real murderer is still at large.” Even though decades have passed, we continue to seek justice for the victims of these cruel crimes.”