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17 people are missing due to the sinking of a Russian fishing boat

by YCPress

Moscow, December 28th – According to Russian media reports, a Russian fishing boat sank in the waters of Barents on the 28th. Two people on board were rescued and 17 others disappeared. According to analysis, the chance of survival of the missing person is slim.

According to the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, on the morning of the 28th, the Russian fishing boat Onega sank in the waters of Barents, near Novaya Jira. According to preliminary judgment, the ice accumulation on the fishing boat may be the cause of the sinking.

According to sources quoted by the Russian News Agency, all 19 on board were Russian citizens, and two had been rescued.

According to Tass, quoting industry insiders, in the local environment, the missing person has no chance to survive in the cold sea. Even sitting in a lifeboat, the chance of survival is very slim.

According to the International News Agency, a captain involved in the rescue has found a body. However, this news has not been officially confirmed.

At present, several fishing boats and aircraft of the Russian Northern Fleet have joined the search and rescue.

Russian Prime Minister Mishustin asked for help for the families of the people on the fishing boat.