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Your Old iPhone is still valuable check why !

Your Old iPhone is still valuable, check why !

by YCPress

How to retain iPhone users, Apple has a coup. For people who want to spend less money to upgrade, Apple and major wireless carriers are offering substantial discounts to people who use old equipment for transactions. 

IPHONE12 deserve?

T-Mobile and Verizon provide customers with trade-in credits ranging from US$200 to US$850, depending on how old the user’s phone is and whether a plan has been reached with the operator. 

At the same time, AT&T will effectively provide customers with free calls with unlimited data packages for 30 months, while also being able to trade old phones worth at least $95.

Apple and other smartphone manufacturers also offer their own trade-in programs, as do some third-party distributors. If you use an old smart phone for transactions, depending on the age and condition, Apple currently offers a discount of up to $500 for the iPhone 12 series.

The discount value of old smart phones can be surprisingly high, because discounts have become a critical part of the device life cycle.

In addition to providing users with the opportunity to sell new phones at low prices, it also helps companies increase sales by prompting more frequent upgrades, provides operators with ways to induce customers to sign long-term contracts

and provides cheaper prices for the second-hand market The equipment and provide original equipment

the company can reuse materials to make new phones more environmentally friendly.

Upgrade push

Trade-in programs provide wireless carriers and manufacturers with a way to attract new customers and prevent existing customers from switching to their products.

David McQueen, research director at ABI Research, a technology consulting firm, said: “This may be the closest way to restore subsidies, which were prevalent in the United States when the iPhone was first launched on the market.”

One of the main issues that trade-in aims to solve is that smartphone users are increasingly inclined to use their devices for a long time, usually skipping one or two models (sometimes even more) before buying a new phone. 

David McQueen believes: “In the past few years, subscribers’ motivation to upgrade their smartphones has been an issue, and most flagship products are almost the same as their predecessors.”

Although the company hopes that the speed and capabilities of 5G can provide sufficient reasons for upgrading, industry estimates point out that such a fact is not really an important factor for consumers. 

The 5G network is still in its infancy on a global scale. Compared with more advanced technologies such as driverless cars, smartphones have limited use cases, which may reduce the attractiveness of some people to the current handover.

It is too early to predict the sales of the iPhone 12 series, but if 5G is not attractive, trade-in can help promote other upgrades.

Back to market

The shelf life and usefulness of smartphones usually far exceed the frequency of release of new models, which provides companies with an additional source of revenue, even for older devices.

According to the company’s latest environmental report, Apple sent more than 11 million devices for refurbishment in 2019.

Mobile phones that have not been resold by operators or smart phone companies may eventually be replaced by insurance companies for customers’ lost or damaged devices, or sent to emerging markets, where consumers tend to pay more attention to price.

According to the latest report from Counterpoint Research, most of the growth in the refurbished smartphone market last year came from regions such as India, Latin America and Africa.

Analysts say these programs will also sell refurbished phones to users who are willing to buy older models.

And this trend may become more obvious. Research firm IDC predicted earlier this year that by 2023, approximately 333 million second-hand smartphones will be sold, almost twice the sales volume in 2018, with a total market value of US$67 billion.

Your old iPhone is so valuable, that’s why

Another reason why old phones are valuable to companies is their internal reasons.

Apple has been working hard to curb the environmental impact of its large-scale global manufacturing operations, expand recycling programs, and promise to be fully carbon neutral by 2030.

Apple has been emphasizing this point, and Apple has also talked about recycled materials used in the production of mobile phones. “

As part of this work, Apple expressed its commitment to sustainability at the iPhone conference on Tuesday, saying that all magnets in the iPhone 12 series are made of 100% recycled rare earth materials. 

For several years, the company has been developing and demonstrating robots that can peel off old iPhones and separate components that can be used in new devices. The company also recycles other materials used in new products, such as aluminum and tungsten.

On the whole, Apple’s move is beneficial to environmental protection on the one hand, and on the other hand, it can attract users and bring benefits to the company.