Home Politics Yemen set up a line of life or death for the snipers, and the soldiers cried on the battlefield.
Yemen set up a line of life or death for the snipers, and the soldiers cried on the battlefield.

Yemen set up a line of life or death for the snipers, and the soldiers cried on the battlefield.

by YCPress

The recent war between the Houthi armed forces in Yemen and the Saudi coalition has continued, and the fighting has been in a stalemate. Recently, a very moving scene appeared. After knocking down the Saudi coalition soldiers, a Houthi armed sniper did not take the next step to kill, but chose to release him when he was rescued by his teammates. Down.

What happened was like this. At that time, the Houthi armed snipers, after spotting the Saudi coalition army, slowly waited for him to enter the range of fire and hit him to the ground. The Saudi coalition soldiers almost collapsed after being injured. My comrades in arms rescued, but due to the deterrence of the sniper, no one dared to rescue, which also caused the situation at that time to be very anxious. The superior officer of the Houthi armed sniper ordered the sniper to end the life of the Saudi soldier, but the sniper said that there is no need to do so, let him go.

In fact, after knocking down the soldiers, snipers choose to shoot twice to kill. It is very common on the battlefield. After all, the opponent is the enemy. The kindness to the enemy is the cruelty to himself, and maybe they met on the battlefield. , The other party will also shoot you. However, out of humanitarian considerations, the opponent has lost the ability to fight, and even lacks the ability to act. Whether to fire a second shot has also become an important step to test the sniper’s criteria, and this Husai-armed sniper does indeed Complied with humanitarianism and did not kill them.

The Houthi armed forces used sniper tactics during the 5-year war in Yemen. Their weapons included anti-material rifles, anti-tank missiles and sniper rifles. They often used this method to kill the enemy. Most of their weapons Comes from the American anti-material sniper rifle equipped with silencer and the Barrett M-82 sniper rifle obtained from the fallen soldiers in Saudi Arabia. These are big killers on the battlefield and can take enemy mobile phones and even 100 meters away. Kilometers away.

Some of the weapons still come from the imitation SVD sniper rifles donated by Iran. Not only that, the Houthis can also make their own anti-material weapons and sniper rifles, and even the ammunition still uses Soviet bullets. If they don’t have guns, they will be taken from the hands of Saudi coalition soldiers. Grab, it can be seen that the equipment is very crude.

In the war in Yemen, the Hussein armed forces knew their weapons were inferior to each other, so they always used sniper tactics. This also made the Saudi coalition very scared. After all, they were headshots while walking. This feeling is really terrifying. Although the Saudi coalition forces have helicopters or armored vehicles and other cover, but not every mission has these equipment to support, so this also caused the Saudi coalition forces to patrol or carry out military tasks alone.

Every time the team goes out on a mission alone, it will be cautious, for fear of getting a headshot in the next second. The Houthi armed forces not only have sniper rifles, but even small drones, which can carry out reconnaissance at high altitudes. The intention is to locate the location of the Saudi coalition forces and find ambush locations for precise killing.

After 5 years of fighting, the Houthi armed forces have carried out more than 40,000 sniper operations, killing 80,000 Yemeni soldiers in the Saudi coalition forces, and more than 10,000 Saudi soldiers, of which the UAE and Sudanese forces combined also have 10,000. About 30% of the people are attacked by snipers, which shows how powerful the Houthi armed snipers are.