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WTO spokesperson Keith Rockwell: “CIIE” will bring more trade opportunities to countries

by YCPress

CCTV : The third China International Import Expo officially kicked off last night (4th). WTO spokesman Keith Rockwell said in an exclusive interview with a headquarter reporter in Geneva that China’s imports and exports are the first to recover as the Coronavirus pandemic is spreading globally, and the CIIE will bring more trade opportunities. The WTO has also been actively participating in the “CIIE.”

As a partner of the “CIIE”, the WTO has participated in two consecutive sessions, and each time a delegation led by the WTO Director-General attended and released the “World Trade Report.” Keith Rockwell said that this year, affected by the epidemic, it can only participate remotely. Participating in the CIIE is a very worthwhile thing.

WTO spokesperson Keith Rockwell: I went to Shanghai last year and the year before (participating in the “CIIE”), and I regret not being able to pass this year. Before we went to Shanghai to introduce the WTO and its importance to China to the Chinese people. We are very happy to interact with people, and hope to go to the CIIE again next year.

Keith Rockwell pointed out that this year, affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic, the global economic recession has hit the import and export industry. However, according to the International Monetary Fund’s forecast, China’s economy will grow by 1.9% in 2020, becoming the only major economy to achieve positive growth in 2020, and China’s imports and exports will gradually return to normal growth levels.

WTO spokesperson Keith Rockwell: China was the world’s largest exporter last year, and one thing that people do not always remember is that China is also the second largest importer. In recent years, China has become the world’s largest trading country, and trade is very important to China and China’s trading partners.

Keith Rockwell said that as China’s economy and imports and exports stabilize first, the CIIE will attract more attention and bring more trade opportunities.

WTO spokesperson Keith Rockwell: As the Chinese people become richer, people have the ability to buy more goods and services, and they also have the willingness to buy. Shanghai is a wonderful shopping city, which is a normal response when society is getting richer. The CIIE will also let the outside world know more about China. Some companies and individuals may not have been to China and Shanghai. They don’t know what opportunities are here, so the “CIIE” can let people know this.