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Worldwide War Situation Totally Changing, Weapon Power War Changed to Vaccine Coronavirus War

Worldwide War Situation Totally Changing, Weapon Power War Changed to Vaccine Coronavirus War

by YCPress

The situation is changing!

Now, even Germany’s position is quietly changing. When I got up in the morning, I saw a piece of news broadcast by many media: Germany began to “behave goodwill” to China and Russia.

What’s your goodwill?

Show good vaccine!

German Health Minister Jens Spahn was asked whether to use Russian and Chinese vaccines in an interview on January 31.

Spahn replied: There is no problem.

Then he added: If a vaccine is safe and effective, no matter where it is produced, it can help people resist the virus. Of course, vaccines must be approved by the European Drug Administration.

You know, if you read the Western media before, at least 8 of the 10 articles, questioned the Chinese and Russian vaccines, questioned the Russian vaccines were not strictly certified, questioned the effectiveness of Chinese vaccines…

But interestingly, Western politicians are full of doubts, while other countries rush to buy it.

On the same day as the German minister made his statement, in order to transport the first batch of Chinese vaccines, the Pakistan Air Force sent a special plane to Beijing.

Many leaders have taken the lead in vaccinating China.

Not completely counted. At least those who get Chinese vaccines in front of the camera are at least:

Indonesian President Joko,

Turkish President Erdogan,

President Ramkarawang of Seychelles,

Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates Al Maktoum…

Those who have not been given yet, but those who clearly want to get a Chinese vaccine have at least:

Serbian President Vučić,

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen,

President Sagasti of Peru,

President Pinheiro of Chile…

You know, Joko is also the first person to be vaccinated in Indonesia. Vučić and Pinheila personally went to the airport to welcome the arrival of the Chinese vaccine.

Why is it so grand?

First, it is because of confidence in China, and second, vaccine is the best weapon to deal with the epidemic.

Wearing masks, one-meter noodles, and home quarantine, including our current advocacy of the local New Year, are only forced countermeasures; if the epidemic is really to succeed, people must still rely on science, and the greatest hope is a vaccine.

For all countries in the world, unless it is anti-intelligence, it is clear that vaccines are now a big deal.

It’s a race of life. Whoever finishes the vaccine the fastest can save more lives and who can get out of trouble the first.

But the demand is unlimited and the vaccine is limited. Around the vaccine, allies also turned against him, and the West also fought.

Canada complains that the United States is too selfish. The vaccine is produced in the United States near Canada, but not given a single dose to Canada.

The European Union once made a fierce move, announcing that all vaccines would be banned outside the EU without approval, mainly targeting the United Kingdom, which also triggered a diplomatic crisis.

So much so that the headline of a recent Bloomberg article is: In the face of the vaccine crisis, the EU and everyone have become enemies.

Well, whoever grabs the vaccine from me is my enemy.

In the United States, this has triggered a crisis in the Biden administration. The U.S. military had previously said that it would vaccinate prisoners at the Guantánamo base. In an uproar in the United States: We haven’t had our turn to vaccinate, you actually vaccinate prisoners first…

In Brazil, President Bolsonaro’s attitude has turned almost 180 degrees, publicly developed Twitter, thanked the Chinese government for its compassion, and timely supply of vaccines and related materials to Brazil…

In our Taiwan province, it is said that the Taiwan authorities have approached Germany, we can try to produce more car chips, and whether Germany can give us more vaccines within the scope of “workable”…

But Taiwan doesn’t know, Germany is also anxious, and the surplus grain of the landlord’s house is also in danger!

Many media have noticed that even if Germany is involved in vaccine development, Germany is still full of bitter water.

Just a few days ago, German health minister Spahn also lamented that the shortage of vaccines in Germany could last until April 2021. “We will still have at least 10 weeks of difficult times despite vaccine shortages.”

Germany is also anxious, and other European countries are taking urgent action.

For example, Serbia began to vaccinate China on a large scale, becoming the first European country to be vaccinated against China.

Then came Hungary, which became the first EU country to be vaccinated against China, and Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán publicly praised: Of all vaccines, I trust China’s vaccine the most.

On balance, Germany’s position has finally begun to change: as long as the EU passes, we can also vaccinate Russia and China.

Finally, what do you think?

First, let science return to science.

The situation is changing, and the change will always change. Frankly speaking, the attack on vaccines is more ideological. But in the end, it is myself wearing colored glasses that I am impatient. Vaccines are like this, so are masks. After Biden came to power, he finally ordered masks. Such a simple scientific problem is really hard to laugh and cry. Perhaps, China is really to blame for China – if the Chinese had not been so conscious to wear masks in the beginning, some countries might not have been so resistant to wearing masks…

Second, we see the dawn.

We do see the dawn, which is also a new change in the situation. Among countries, Israel’s vaccination rate is the highest in the world. According to relevant Israeli studies, Israel’s infection rate fell by about 60% in the first 12 days after vaccination. The data is still under observation, but Israel’s ambition is that the country can initially return to normal by April this year. Therefore, in the final analysis, it still depends on science and vaccines. Of course, before the epidemic disappears, we should not be careless or neglected.

Third, thank those brave people more.

Imagine boldly what will happen if China did not control the epidemic very quickly, and if we did not have our own vaccine? Even if our attitude is more humble than Germany and the demand is more urgent than Germany, will we get a vaccine? Will we get enough vaccines when a global dose is hard to get?

Don’t even think about it.

Therefore, I still want to thank those brave people. Thunderbolt means is the heart of Bodhisattva, but also the ability to govern. If it hadn’t been for the epidemic controlled so quickly, there would be no economic development and social stability we have today; without our own vaccine, there would have been no calmness and calmness as we are today.

The situation is changing, and justice is in the hearts of the people. But in this world, it is better to rely on yourself than anyone. Such a big China can only be down-to-earth, not fantasy. The journey is long, only struggle!