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World Health Organization: Urges countries to prepare for the next outbreak immediately

by YCPress

November 6th. The World Health Organization (WHO) calls on world leaders to “prepare for the next pandemic immediately” to avoid the blows in the event of Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19).

On the 5th, WHO shared three key messages with members on its official website before the 73rd World Health Assembly next week: Coronavirus Pandemic can be defeated; do not step back on other important health goals; prepare for the next pandemic . The reason for this call is that the world is still working hard to curb the new coronavirus infection, and the number of national cases in most countries continues to increase steadily.

The WHO press release said, “We must now prepare for the next pandemic.” The press release said: “Last year, we have seen countries with strong health emergency preparedness infrastructure that have been able to act quickly to contain And control the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.”

The WHO stated that in order to ensure that the world is better prepared for the next health crisis, it has submitted a draft resolution to the World Health Assembly with a view to adopting stronger compliance with the International Health Regulations and strengthening members’ response to emergencies. Preparation for health incidents. The draft calls on the global health community to ensure that all countries have better capabilities to detect and respond to cases of Coronavirus Pandemic and other dangerous infectious diseases.

Currently, the global pandemic continues to spread. According to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University, as of around 06:30 on November 6, Beijing, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus Pandemic worldwide has exceeded 48.45 million, reaching 48,541,340, and the cumulative number of deaths is 1,230,600.