Home Politics Without the president’s daily briefing, Biden is seeking support from more than a dozen former officials
Biden calls for a comprehensive assessment of the risk of terrorism in the United States.

Without the president’s daily briefing, Biden is seeking support from more than a dozen former officials

by YCPress

US Democratic presidential candidate Biden heard briefings from more than a dozen former government officials on the 17th. Earlier, although many US media announced that Biden had won the election, the current President Trump has not yet accepted the election results and refused to share the president’s daily briefing with Biden.

According to a report from the New York Times on the 17th, Biden said at the beginning of the online meeting that day, “You know, I have not been able to get the daily briefing. So I want to hear your views on the future (national development).” As previously reported, the daily briefing is a series of highly classified intelligence documents provided to the president and senior advisers by the US intelligence agency. For decades, the current president has usually authorized his successor to obtain briefings to ensure a smooth transition of the regime.

According to the report, 13 former officials from the military, foreign affairs and intelligence departments attended the meeting. They had worked with Biden during the Obama administration, and some of them may hold senior positions in the national security team. According to a report by the US Consumer News and Business Channel on the 17th, the Biden transition team issued a statement after the meeting saying that former officials had analyzed the diplomatic, defense and intelligence challenges that Biden would face after taking office, focusing on the strategic situation. As well as the preparations for the national foreign policy and security departments.

The New York Times commented that these former officials have shared years of political experience and wisdom with Biden, but because they have left the government for several years, they don’t know much about the new confidential information that the elected president will come into contact with during the power transition period.

Earlier, many Republican senators in the United States called on Trump to grant Biden the authority to obtain the president’s daily briefing to ensure a smooth transition of power. Up to now, the US General Services Administration, which is responsible for the transition of power, has not announced Biden’s victory.