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Wisconsin State Election Commission: $7.9 million to recount

by YCPress

On November 16, local time, the Wisconsin State Electoral Commission issued a statement that if President Trump’s campaign team wants the state to recount the votes, they need to pay $7.9 million in advance. According to local media reports, Biden leads Trump in Wisconsin by 0.62% and 20470 votes. 

According to the law of the state, if the candidate’s vote difference is less than 1%, the candidate has the right to propose a recount. 

However, only when the difference in votes is less than 0.25%, can the cost of secondary counting be avoided.

Wisconsin’s Chief Election Officer Megan Wolf announced on the 16th that the cost of the recount is estimated at $7.9 million, which is much higher than the $2 million proposed by the state when the vote was recounted in 2016.

To this Wolfe added: “Affected by the new crown epidemic, the recount requires more space to maintain safe social distancing.

At the same time, this re-voting requires more personnel and equipment, so the cost is different from 2016. It’s huge.”

According to the law of the state, if there is a recount request in Wisconsin, it must be completed before December 1.

The deadline for submitting a recount request and payment is 5 pm Eastern Time on the 18th. 

At present, the Wisconsin State Election Commission has not yet received a recount request from the Trump team.