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Why does Australia keep provoking China ?

Why does Australia keep provoking China ?

by YCPress

Why does Australia keep provoking China?

American media idea’s

Since Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian issued a post condemning the indiscriminate killing of civilians by the Australian military in Afghanistan, which triggered the collective collapse and splash of the country’s political circles, including Australian Prime Minister Morrison, many other Western media have also paid attention to the matter.

Although the vast majority of these Western media are also using narrow ideological prejudices to look at this matter, helping Australia reverse black and white together and steal concepts, and describe China’s attack on the Australian army’s violation of human rights in Afghanistan as “ulterior political propaganda”, the New York Times of the United States analyzed what Sino-Australian relations are. In this extremely poor article that has developed today, it reveals an interesting message about why Australia has been provoking China in recent years.

It turns out that according to the New York Times and the experts interviewed by the newspaper, the reason why Australia has continuously provoked China on a series of Chinese territorial sovereignty issues such as the South China Sea, Hong Kong and Xinjiang in recent years is not because the United States requires Australia to do so, but because Australia is trying to show that it is very Value, in pleasing your “big brother” by actively stimulating China.

As shown in the figure below, in this report analyzing Sino-Australian relations, an expert from the University of Sydney interviewed by The New York Times said that although China often accuses Australia of obeying the orders of the United States, “in fact, it is Australia desperately trying to further deepen its relations with Australia.” .

“The presence of the United States in Asia means more to Australia than to the United States,” said David Brophy, “[So] when Australia finds that the United States is inclined to withdraw [Asia], as we saw after the Trump administration came to power, it immediately caused Australian anxiety”.

“It’s not enough to wait for the United States to come back. Australia needs to be more active, [tell the United States] that it can do more and have the will to do it.”

(Screenshot from a report by The New York Times)

The problem is that it is not China that claims that Australia is forced to obey the orders of the United States, rather than that it is not that it is Australia Prime Minister Morrison himself who is shaking its tail and begging for mercy.

Last week, several Australian media reported that Morrison said at an event of a think tank in London, England, that he hoped that both the United States and China would understand that Australia is both China’s largest trading partner and an ally of the United States.

In response, the Australian semi-official media of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation believes that Morrison means that he hopes that China and the United States will not intensify the antagonism, so that Australia will be difficult to do in the middle. It seems that Australia is just a “victim” of the Sino-US struggle.

But from what is reflected in the New York Times today, Morrison’s remarks are very hypocritical.

(Screenshot from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

In addition, the New York Times also analyzed in the latest report that it is precisely because Australia is so eager to please the United States that it has ignored China-Australia’s economic and trade relations, provoked China everywhere and frequently “mouth-to-mouth war” with China in recent years.

(Screenshot from a report by The New York Times)

But the New York Times made a mistake about China when writing here, that is, the newspaper seems to regard China as a “land man” and mistakenly believes that our dissatisfaction with and counterattack against Australia is that since Australia has made so much money from China, the country should not be China. “Put up the bowl for dinner, put down your chopsticks and scold your mother.”

In fact, we just want to tell these Australian politicians who have repeatedly come to China, pretending to be “Western gentlemen” and trying to boss us: Your teeth have not been cleaned, and they still carry the flesh and blood of many civilians and small countries that have been invaded by Australia.

The Guardian

(Screenshot from the British newspaper The Guardian, about a recent joint letter from the island countries in the South Pacific condemning the inaction of the Morrison government of Australia on climate change, which has forced these island countries to face the risk of extinction caused by the climate crisis.)