Home Politics Why do the people supported by Trump “drop the chain” at a critical moment?
Why do the people supported by Trump "drop the chain" at a critical moment?

Why do the people supported by Trump “drop the chain” at a critical moment?

by YCPress

December 14th local time, the voting of the American Electoral College officially ended, and Democrat Biden finally won the election with 306 electoral votes. However, the current U.S. President Trump Alliance intends to “vert” the election results in the January 6 congressional vote, according to the New York Times. Trump himself praised his alliance on social media, but did not show obvious interest in the strategy. His staff said that Trump is more focused on turning the tables in court.

It is a matter of concern that Trump has not made any achievements in court so far. Why hasn’t the conservative Supreme Court, which is overwhelmingly conservative, help him turn the tables? Even the Republican judges in the states did not support him? Even William Barr, the Attorney General who was loyal to Trump at the beginning, broke public expectations, “converted” before and after the election and announced his resignation on the 14th. Why do these people supported by Trump “drop the chain”?

Why don’t the Republican-appointed judge “save” Trump?

Why didn’t GOP judges support Trump when he tried to flip the election results? Many of them were appointed by Republicans and even Trump himself, but they violated Trump’s expectations in court.

This year, with only eight days left before the election, the U.S. Senate confirmed Justice Barrett’s nomination by a vote of 52 to 48. This is the first time in 151 years that a candidate for justice has been confirmed without any vote from a minority party in the Senate. According to USA Today, after the successful appointment of Justice Barrett, up to three of the nine justices of the Supreme Court were appointed by Trump himself, and the other three were also appointed by the Republican Party. A total of six conservative justices gave Trump a probabilistic advantage.

However, such an advantage has not brought substantive results to Trump, and Justice Barrett, who was urgently appointed amid opposition, has so far failed to play a role. It is reported that the Supreme Court usually leaves state-level issues to the states themselves, and prefers not to intervene when disputes are not enough to change the outcome. Most importantly, the Supreme Court under Chief Justice John Roberts is as far away from politics as possible, and these cases today are more political and political.

According to Bloomberg’s analysis, at least some of these state and federal judges want Trump to win the election, but they also clearly realize that the lawsuits filed by Trump and his campaign are absurd, and even giving him a little rhetorical victory will damage the court and its system. 

These judges appointed by Trump are not those who ignore conservatives’ judicial plans and goals, but only loyal to him. So the three Supreme Court justices Trump appointed and his nominees in circuit and district courts are the same thing. These judges are pro-Republican to some extent and tend to support the policies of some Republicans. They did do the same before the election.

If Trump’s post-election lawsuits have a way to win to the extent permitted by law, these judges are likely to turn to Trump. But simply, they don’t support Trump’s total disregard of law and discipline. Because most of them have long-term goals, rather than just act to retain a Trump administration.

The expected resignation of the Minister of Justice

According to the U.S. political news website Politico, after months of discord with Trump, the resignation of Attorney General William Barr was exposed on December 14. However, this has been expected by many American media.

On the 14th, when Trump announced Barr’s resignation on social media, he abnormally praised him for his “very outstanding work” and said that “our relationship has always been very good”. However, for weeks before that, Trump has been criticizing Barr publicly and privately for two reasons: first, Barr did not publish the financial crime investigation launched by the Department of Justice against Biden’s son Hunter Biden before the election; second, after the election, when Trump tried to reverse the election results, Barr said that the Department of Justice No evidence of large-scale voter fraud has been found. This has always made Trump angry.

Barr, New York Times

Following last week’s Wall Street Journal report that Barr refused to publish the investigation of Hunter Biden against Trump’s will before the election, Trump’s staff said that Barr’s position as Attorney General was not guaranteed, which was clear by this time.

A friend of Trump revealed that Trump is increasingly wanting to fire Barr, but as of the 11th, he has not been able to make a decision. The tension between the two escalated last weekend. The news of Barr’s resignation was exposed on Monday (14th).

The news that Barr will step down has long spread in Washington. But after the news of Barr’s resignation was released, Republicans said they were “very surprised”.

Unexpected loyalty and defection

Barr, 70, served as Attorney General in the Bush administration. When he took office in 2018, Barr was initially regarded by Washington as a stabilizing force in the chaotic Trump era. But this expectation quickly failed. After taking office, Barr called the Mueller investigation involving Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election a partisan attack on Trump.

From the beginning of his tenure, Barr helped Trump advance his political goals and soon became one of the most powerful members of Trump’s cabinet. Barr is also the closest Attorney General to the Department of Justice and the White House in half a century. Federal judiciary officials usually keep their distance from political activities, but Barr responded positively to Trump’s unsubstantiated voter fraud in the months before the election.

It is rare to publicly criticize the Attorney General in disregard of the Department’s rule that prohibits employees from discussing internal matters publicly. But Barr’s behavior has aroused public criticism from some prosecutors. “The prosecutor, who should have been irrelegent or political in their work, has turned the Department of Justice into a shield to protect the president and his cronies,” said Mike Dion, a Seattle prosecutor, publicly criticized in the Seattle Times.

‘Ibar, according to politico

With those “loyalty acts” before, Barr’s two “anti-water” before and after the election is rare. After the election, Barr did not publicly make election fraud remarks for weeks against the preface of the election. Finally, he stood up and said that the Department of Justice found no evidence that could reverse Biden’s victory.

Now, Barr’s resignation has allowed him to avoid further conflict with Trump because of the failure to reverse the election results or the investigation of the Biden family. At the same time, in the last Potter amnesty that Trump will usher in before leaving office, Barr does not need to sit at that helm and involves any politically sensitive amnesty.