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Why do American politicians face: "Beautiful scenery" becomes an American violent blockbuster

Why do American politicians face: “Beautiful scenery” becomes an American violent blockbuster

by YCPress

Demonstrators climbed into the Capitol with sticks and smashed glass; lawmakers evacuated in panic; guards were busy with guns against the gate…

This is not a scene in Hollywood movies, but a real event in Washington, D.C., the United States on the 6th. Someone vividly named the real-life American violence blockbuster “The Fall of Congress”.

According to the U.S. election procedure, January 6 is the day when the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States Congress hold a joint meeting to certify the results of the general election.

On this day, a large-scale demonstration took place in Washington, where supporters of American leaders stormed the Capitol, which symbolized the supreme legislative power of the United States, in an attempt to change the election results. So far, the impact on Capitol Hill has caused four deaths and more injuries.

In broad daylight, such violence occurred in the United States, which claimed to be the “beacon of liberal democracy”, which surprised and shocked the world. You know, American politicians who are engaged in the “color revolution” around the world are best at planning similar events in other countries.

Not to mention, after the amendment scandal in Hong Kong, China, in June 2019, the mob wantonly smashed, damaged and stormed the Legislative Council building in Hong Kong. How similar it is to the scene that happened on Capitol Hill in the United States. But at that time, American politicians called it a “beautiful scenery”, claiming that Hong Kong mobs were “defending democracy”.

How come it to the violent blockbuster in their own home, American politicians rush to denounce it as “insurgents” or even “coup” and demand that “the insurgents be brought to justice”?

Not only in Hong Kong. Over the years, under the banner of “democracy”, the United States has planned the so-called “Arab Spring” in West Asia and North Africa, and incited the “color revolution” in Asia and Europe, wishing that the “beautiful scenery” there were more in other countries, the better. If the local police maintain order in accordance with the law, they will be labeled as “threating democracy”.

Now, when this “beautiful scenery” appears in the United States, police not only used pepper spray, water spray guns, etc. to disperse the demonstrators, but also arrested at least 13 demonstrators…

No wonder Lebanese netizen Mohammed Safa made such a “god comment” on social media: “If the United States see what the United States is doing to the United States, the United States will surely invade the United States and liberate the United States from the tyranny of the United States.”

Once again, the world saw the scene of “American democracy” double-standard large-scale rollover! What a irony! The so-called “democracy” is just a tool used by American politicians and abandoned if they don’t.

And those American politicians who flaunt “democracy” are actually tramplers of democracy.

In this U.S. election as an example, the current leaders have refused to admit defeat, which is rare in American history. On the 6th, he shouted to the demonstrators in front of the White House, saying that “we will never admit defeat” and “we will stop the theft of the election”.

For this reason, he was called the director-in-chief of the events that hit Capitol Hill by the media.

Those in power take the lead in breaking the “rules of the game”, street people are called out, and the results of the so-called “democratic elections” are not respected. What face do American politicians have to interview “democracy”?

No wonder Western leaders immediately spoke out demanding that American politicians not trample on “democracy” and accept the election results…

In fact, the violent blockbusters on Capitol Hill not only witnessed the bankruptcy of “American democracy”, but also exposed the shortcomings of the American system.

It is seen that since the current U.S. government came to power, fierce fighting between the two parties has never stopped.

Especially after the outbreak of COVID-19, the two parties not only did not cooperate and cooperate, but also criticized and dismantled Taiwan, resulting in the inability of all walks of life in the United States to unite to fight against the epidemic, and the situation of the epidemic is out of control.

Time magazine commented that the coronavirus crisis in the United States is a “failure of democracy”.

When the so-called “beautiful scenery” becomes an American violent blockbuster, and when the partyfight causes the unprecedented tearing of American society, I don’t know how American politicians face it? They should wake up and think about taking care of their own affairs first.

Don’t think about selling “American democracy” all day long. This concept has been hit in the face again and again by reality, and has become a joke all over the world!