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British media speculated that Trump will make golf his main business after leaving the presidency.

Why did the Democrats “chase” Trump?

by YCPress

Analysts noticed that the impeachment of the Democratic Party a few days before the end of the current presidency is no longer meaningful.

Andrei Sidorov, director of the International Organizations and the Teaching and Research Office of World Political Processes, Moscow State University, believes that the main purpose of the Democrats’ activities now are to completely discredit Trump and “end his political future”.

He told Russia Today: “Democrats don’t want Trump to leave office in accordance with standard procedures.

Democrats want to prove to Trump voters that they voted for traitors and mental patients.”

Moreover, Sidorov believes that Democrats are trying to destroy the ideas that Trump relies on.

The analyst believes: “They are trying to write off the slogan of ‘America First’, demean isolationist ideas and stifle the so-called ‘Trumpism’.”

Yuri Rogulev, director of Roosevelt Foundation for American Studies at Moscow State University, also shares this view, according to the report.

He said: “Democrats understand that by the 2024 presidential election, the situation may be disadvantageous to them, because Biden may not be re-elected, and it is not clear whether Kamala Harris can attract a majority of voters.

So they tried to shut down Trump’s political path and prevent him from winning the next presidential election.”

Against this background, he said, several Republicans’ proposal to adopt a resolution condemning Trump looks like an attempt to escape impeachment.

Rogulev said: “This is a symbolic gesture, and Republicans try to show that they understand their responsibility to the country.

Moreover, the Republican Party tried to find the consensus of the contemporary United States in this way, because Trump’s ideas strongly led the Republican Party to the right, which is unacceptable to the two-party system.”