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Why did Serbia choose a Chinese vaccine?

Why did Serbia choose a Chinese vaccine?

by YCPress

February 3rd – China’s coronavirus vaccine has won the favor of more and more countries in the world. In Europe, Serbia became a leader in vaccination speed after receiving the Chinese coronavirus vaccine.

On February 1st local time, The Diplomat published a post entitled “Why did Serbia choose China’s coronavirus vaccine?” The article pointed out that the slow operation of the Global Vaccine Alliance (COVAX), the insufficient supply of Western vaccine manufacturers, and the high performance of Chinese vaccines make China’s coronavirus vaccine the only option for Serbia.

The following is an excerpt from the article:

On January 16, 2021, a plane carrying the COVID-19 vaccine of the Chinese National Pharmaceutical Group landed at Belgrade Airport, Serbia.

Serbian President Vučić personally led many officials to hold the highest-level welcoming ceremony at the airport, confirming that China has become the most in Serbia’s fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic. Important partners.

The arrival of this special plane equipped with Chinese vaccine in Serbia is another progress in the cooperation between the two countries in response to the epidemic.

In March 2020, Vučić declared a state of emergency in a televised speech, saying that European solidarity did not exist in the face of difficulties, and that “only China can help us”.

Subsequently, the first batch of medical equipment from China to assist Serbia arrived in Belgrade and was warmly welcomed, and the local people praised the friendly cooperation between China and Serbia.

At the same time, the Chinese anti-epidemic medical expert group assisting Serbia and the many “fire eye” virus detection laboratories designed by Chinese enterprises reflect China’s unreserved commitment to helping Serbia fight against the novel coronavirus.

While the EU is Serbia’s largest trading partner and the main source of funding for Serbia to improve its health care system, the EU’s commitment to join Serbia’s Global Vaccine Alliance (COVAX) has not worked as the world is responding to the coronavirus epidemic together.

Around 10,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine arrived in Serbia in late 2020 and early 2021, the result of Serbian officials striving for, not from the cooperation of the Global Alliance for Vaccines (COVAX).

At the same time, the only 10,000 doses of vaccine can’t solve the problem of the Serbian people’s need for mass vaccination.

This problem was solved with the arrival of the coronavirus vaccine from China in Serbia in January.

Vučić thanked China and Serbia again for the friendly relations at the welcoming meeting.

He also took the opportunity to mention that although Serbia had paid in advance the cost of joining the Global Vaccine Alliance (COVAX) program, it is currently No vaccines have been received through the system.

When the Chinese vaccine arrived in Serbia, the coronavirus vaccine had not been approved by the Serbian Drug and Medical Device Administration.

It only took a few days, and the agency immediately approved the Chinese vaccine for use in Serbia after evaluation.

In addition to the Serbian people, the Chinese people working in Serbia will also be vaccinated against the Chinese coronavirus.

Over the past five years, Chinese enterprises have actively participated in Serbia’s infrastructure.

Chinese workers have also worked in the copper mine in Bor, Serbia, the steel mill in Smedervo and the automobile tire factory in Zrenyanin.

Since 2016, the revitalization of these factories has benefited from investment from China.

Much from Vučić and other Serbian officials talk about China’s coronavirus vaccine and the EU’s proven inability to be a vaccine partner, Serbia’s attitude is largely reflected.

There is no news about the vaccines that should have been obtained from the EU cooperation, and there is no clue when the Serbian people will be able to vacculate them.

On the other hand, Chinese-produced vaccines are arriving in large quantities in Serbia.

A week after the first vaccination of Chinese vaccine, more than 200,000 people have been vaccinated. Nothing can affect the enthusiasm of Serbian people to vaccinate Chinese vaccines.

When help from the European Union and access to the coronavirus vaccine produced by Western countries are far away, Serbia chose help from China.

The slow operation of the Global Vaccine Alliance (COVAX), the insufficient supply of vaccine manufacturers in the West, and the high level of performance of Chinese vaccines have made the Chinese coronavirus vaccine the only option in Serbia.