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Why China Don’t Have Second Wave Of Coronavirus

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Why China Don’t Have Second Wave Of Coronavirus

Why China Don’t Have Second Wave Of Coronavirus ? Reference News Network reported on November 6 that a German TV website published an article on November 2 entitled “Why the Second Wave of Epidemics Didn’t Occur in China” by Ruth Kirchner. The full text is excerpted as follows:

China’s officially announced confirmed cases of Coronavirus have been at a low level for several weeks, and there have been no deaths. Most of the newly confirmed cases are in the double-digit range. 

The government has responded swiftly to new outbreaks, such as the recent outbreak in Xinjiang in northwestern China, with lockdown measures and large-scale testing. For example, Kashgar and surrounding areas tested more than 4 million people for the new crown within a few days.

Immediately testing and strictly isolating the infected and patients, through these methods, China seems to have effectively prevented the second wave of the epidemic. 

How China Control Coronavirus ?

How China Control Coronavirus ? In addition, China is still enforcing entry restrictions, and must be strictly isolated for two weeks in specially designated hotels after entry.

How China Control Coronavirus ?

In areas such as tracking the source of infection, applications that can accurately record motion trajectories are part of daily life. 

People need to scan QR codes when entering restaurants, cafes or shops

Which has become the norm since the outbreak of Coronavirus Pandemic.

If an pandemic occurs in a certain place, strict lcokdown and isolation measures will be taken.

Also helpful is the neighborhood committee, which has been firmly rooted in the community for decades.

In addition, since this spring, China has systematically expanded its new coronavirus detection capabilities. For example, Qingdao, a port city in eastern China

Tested 11 million people within a few days of the COVID-19 outbreak in early October. 

Such large-scale testing is mandatory and also helps to keep people calm.

China has passed the autumn smoothly so far, and there is another reason:

Many people know the importance of protecting themselves. 

In China, people will not discuss the pros and cons of wearing a mask. 

The people have a high degree of trust in the government. 

The general view is that life is the most precious.