WHO: The novel coronavirus was originally distributed all over the world. Wuhan was only the place where it was discovered.

November 25th – On November 23, WHO posted a video of the regular press conference on COVID-19 on its official website.

Michael Ryan, head of the WHO Health Emergency Project, said at the press conference that the novel coronavirus may have been infected very early, in different places and times in the world.

According to the Russian satellite news agency, Ryan pointed out at the same day’s press conference that the identification of the world’s first infectious disease case is an important aspect of all epidemiological investigations.”

(COVID-19) may have more than one first case, as the disease is likely to have originated from several animal transmission. 

There is a growing amount of information that the coronavirus was initially spread all over the world. 

Researchers have recently found the virus in bats, and we have seen other potential sources of the virus in different places.

“There is no doubt that COVID-19 comes from nature, and its main carrier is bats,” said some experts.

There are multiple sources of virus transmission to humans, and the transmission period will last for a long time.

Ryan stressed that it is not certain whether humans or animals have spread the novel coronavirus, but that “the virus was found in the seafood market in Wuhan”.

Maria van Kerhoff, head of the WHO’s Emerging and Zoonotic Diseases Unit, noted that infectious diseases like Middle East respiratory syndrome, the agency needs a comprehensive year study to identify the main source of infection.

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