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WHO launches 2021 COVID-19 "Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan"

WHO launches 2021 COVID-19 “Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan”

by YCPress

February 18, local time, WHO held a regular press conference on COVID-19.

WHO Director-General Tedros Tedros announced the launch of the 2021 COVID-19 “Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan”, including curbing the spread of the virus, reducing exposure, resisting misinformation and disinformation, protecting vulnerable groups, and reducing disease and death.

and accelerate the equitable availability of six goals, such as vaccines, diagnostic tools and coping tools such as treatment methods, which will require $1.96 billion to achieve.

Tedros stressed that this is not only an investment in response to COVID-19, but also conducive to global recovery and a safer world.

When the first strategic preparedness and response plan was launched a year ago, there were fewer than 25,000 new cases of COVID-19, compared with an average of 25,000 new cases per 100 minutes yesterday.

According to WHO data, the “Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan” for COVID-19 last year was $1.7 billion, which eventually raised $1.58 billion, and more than 90% was allocated to countries and regions, provided important funds for people on the front line of the epidemic, and supported the core scientific and technological work of WHO. .

WHO and its partners have expanded testing capacity worldwide, transporting 19 million testing tools and 243 million pieces of personal protective equipment, and providing 12,000 intensive care beds.

WHO also deployed 191 emergency medical teams to support 58 countries in conducting seroepidemiology studies and provided 150 online training activities, involving 4.7 million people.